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The six Thatchers

1h 28min - Scotland Yard involves Sherlock through a curious case involving a room minister's son and also smashed statues of so late prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

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The lie Detective

1h 29min - Watson wrestles with a shocking tragedy. Meanwhile, Sherlock confronts his most shrewd adversary yet: a rich philanthropist v a dark secret.

The Final difficulty

1h 29min - A dark family mystery unlocks suppressed memories Sherlock didn't understand he had, bring about a deadly end game -- and also a reunion v a resurrected foe.

Special Season 4 Finale
Episode 101: Behind 221B, The 6 Thatchers

19min - Benedict Cumberbatch, young name Freeman and the cast and also crew the Sherlock provide a distinct insight right into the explosive production of The six Thatchers.

Episode 102: Behind 221B, The lied Detective

22min - The Sherlock team take united state behind the scene of The lie Detective consisting of contributions indigenous Toby Jones and also Louise Brealey. A Hartswood movies production in co-production v PBS Masterpiece.

Episode 103: Behind 221B, The Final difficulty

21min - The actors of Sherlock provide a distinct glimpse right into the do of the thrilling final episode.

Episode 104: script to display

20min - Steven Moffat, mark Gatiss and Sue Vertue overview us with the entire production process.

Episode 105: The Writer's chat

6min - note Gatiss and Steven Moffat in conversation about the writing procedure behind Sherlock.

Episode 106: manufacturing Diary 2: mark Gatiss #1

2min - mark Gatiss shooting a video clip diary and also interviews Ruper Graves and David Arnold on set.

Episode 107: production Diary 3: mark Gatiss #2

1min - mark Gatiss shoots a video diary the the very last work on set for Season 4.

Episode 108: The six Thatchers Featurette #1: A Dog's story

2min - actors members remind the challenges of working v a bloodhound the a really different type.

Episode 109: The six Thatchers Featurette #2: A Shark's story

3min - The production team discover the secrets behind filming v sharks.

Episode 110: The six Thatchers Featurette #3: one Assassin's Tail

2min - note Gatiss and also Sue Vertue welcome united state as Amanda Abbington walk on a globe-trotting journey.

Episode 111: The lied Detective Featurette #1: faith No an ext

3min - The Sherlock team creates a revolutionary filming rig to shoot a crucial scene from the episode.

Episode 112: The lie Detective Featurette #2: Going up the wall surfaces

4min - The production team builds a relocating version that 221B.

Episode 113: The lie Detective Featurette #3: on a Lighter note

3min - The team expose the intricate style behind among Sherlock’s many enlightening deductions.

Episode 114: The Final problem Featurette #1: Flying fine

2min - The Sherlock team provides a sneak peek at the one-of-a-kind effects developed for the series finale.

Episode 115: The Final difficulty Featurette #2: copy Up

3min - Benedict Cumberbatch provides us an insight into the secret of Sherlock’s violin playing.

Episode 116: The Final problem Featurette #3: secret Lair

2min - note Gatiss and also Arwel Wyn Jones define the incentive behind this magnificent set.

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Behind the scenes - underground Lair

2min - mark Gatiss and also Arwel Wyn Jones describe the incentive behind this splendid set.



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