Is it acquiring hot in right here or is it simply all that flirtiness the Phaedra Parks and also Shemar Moore have actually been trading with each various other in the wake up of their Watch What wake up Live kiss watched round the world? After The genuine Housewives that Atlanta mom and the hunky gibbs exchanged part snuggles and also kisses right in the Clubhouse for all to see, castle took their flirtation to society media.

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shemarmoore) December 12, 2016

First but not the last!! :-)

— Phaedra Parks, Esq. (

The morning after that fateful and sexy encounter, Phaedra elaborated a bit much more about it come The day-to-day Dish. "I"m newly solitary and if I had actually a wonderful kiss through Shemar Moore — a few kisses through Shemar Moore — such a treat for my lips, but I am solitary and if it happens, the happens," she said about her present relationship status. "I am open to it is in in a connection or come date, but that is not .

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I have actually a very full life and so I"m not desperate for a man and also if the happens, the happens."

phaedraparks had actually a Silly fun time flirting n clowning ~ above WWHL v ANDY COHEN... An excellent times!!!