This game was released on September 14, 2018 and also is no longer easily accessible to pre-order. Any type of incentives that were offered are listed below.

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Shadow that the dig Raider is the 3rd entry in the reboot collection developed by Eidos Montréal and also Crystal Dynamics, and published by Square Enix. In this latest installment, Lara Croft should traverse one unforgiving jungle, discover a large hidden city, conquer terrifying tombs, and stave off a Mayan apocalypse.

The upcoming game is claimed to be daunting in brand-new and unexpected ways. According to the developers, they have created a diverse collection of skills, combat techniques, and equipment. Mastering these will be crucial to survive the deadly tropical environments, underwater tunnel systems, and old Mayan tombs.

Pre-order Bonuses

Pre-order the retail variation of Shadow that the tomb Raider to obtain an automatic upgrade to the Limited Steelbook Edition with 3 collectible arts cards. Friend will find this version on most retailers and Square Enix Store, while supplies last:


On the other hand, pre-purchasing digitally for any platform will certainly grant secondary Skills Booster Pack (unlocks 3 an abilities within Eagle, Jaguar, and Serpent skill tree paths) and 48-hour early access, the latter only applicable to Digital luxurious Edition and Croft editions:


Lastly, there space exclusive retailer and platform bonuses come be had actually as well:

Best Buy: $10 in price certificates because that My best Buy members.Newegg: $10 discount on adding item come cart.PlayStation Store: Shadow the the Tombraider PS4 theme.Microsoft Store: Xbox Live Avatar outfit.Steam: exclude, wallpaper.Green guy Gaming: a 25% discount (from $59.99 come $44.99).

And here’s the main Mayan calendar-inspired chart of the obtainable game editions and pre-order bonuses:


We’ll failure the editions for you below.

Digital deluxe Edition


The Digital luxurious Edition expenses $69.99 and also includes these extras:

48-hour early accessibility (with pre-order)Platform-exclusive bonuses (as outlined above)Skills Booster PackAdditional weapon and outfitDigital OST

Croft Edition


The Croft edition is obtainable either digitally or physically as Croft Steelbook Edition for $89.99, and comes with the following:

Limited version Steelbook (retail variation only)48-hour early accessibility (with pre-order)Platform-exclusive bonuses (with pre-order)Skills Booster Pack3 added weapons and also outfitsDigital OSTSeason Pass:7 difficulty tombs – either co-op or solitary player7 new weapons, outfits, and skillsMultiple rigid side-missions(1 of each of the over is exclusive to Season pass owners)

The Season pass can likewise be purchased individually for $29.99. The will provide a complete of seven content packs, starting October 2018 and also ending April 2019, follow to the main DLC calendar.

Ultimate Edition


Lastly, yes sir the $199.99 “Ultimate” Collector’s edition exclusive come Square Enix Store. It includes everything listed under Croft Edition, plus three physical collectibles:

Statue of Lara Croft readying her macheteBottle opener styled after ~ Lara’s climb axeVertical tight Tomb Raider-themed flashlight

Shadow the the tomb Raider will be the end on September 14, 2018 worldwide, launching simultaneously on Xbox One, playstation 4, and PC via Steam.

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