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By Chris Reed
When shadow of the Colossus pertains to PlayStation 4 on February 6, 2018, it will be a triple-dip because that Sony. The video game originally come out on playstation 2. That standard was remastered for PlayStation 3. And now it's obtaining a complete remake because that PlayStation 4. That’s an excellent news, since Shadow the the Colossus is just one of those gorgeous, singular gamings that almost everyone have to experience.If you’re thinking around buying zero of the Colossus, you more than likely want to recognize what's in the steelbook distinct edition, which stores have actually the cheapest price, and also whether there are any kind of retailer exclusives to consider. We have actually all the info you require below, so save on reading.

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Special EditionPrice: $50Like many high-profile games these days, shadow of the Colossus will also be easily accessible in a unique Edition. In addition to the $40 main point game, it consists of the following items:SteelbookArtist PostcardsPrinted ManualAncient BowCloak that Fate“Spotted Steed” Agro skinTwo PS4 custom ThemesPS4 Colossi Avatar SetWorld MapColossi StickersIn the UK? see the special Edition here.
Preorder bonusPreorder shadow of the Colossus native the playstations Store, and also you’ll obtain a code for a downloadable Life knife you have the right to use in the game, and an exclude, PS4 theme,Retailers
AmazonStandard execution Price: $40 ($32 for Amazon element members)Special version Price: $50Deals and preorder exclusives20% off your preorder of shadow of the Colossus with Amazon prime ($32 instead of $40)
Best BuyStandard execution Price: $40 ($32 for Gamers club Unlocked members)Special edition Price: $50 ($40 for Gamers club Unlocked members)Deals and preorder exclusives20% off her preorder of zero of the Colossus v Gamers society Unlocked ($32 instead of $40)

NeweggStandard execution Price: $35Special version Price: $45Deals and preorder exclusives$5 off said retail price
PlayStation StoreStandard version Price: $40Deals and also preorder exclusivesShadow the the Colossus PSN Preorder ThemeLife Sword

Experience the wonder and also magic of among the many beloved video games of every time, recrafted for PlayStation 4 to provide gamers a stunning reintroduction to this masterpiece.

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