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Holden Caulfield, the first-person narrator and protagonist the The Catcher in the Rye , is life in southern California, in an unspecified institution, most likely a exclusive hospital or retreat, while he recalls the events that led up to his relocating there. In that regard, the institution can be considered...

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Holden Caulfield, the first-person narrator and protagonist that The Catcher in the Rye, is living in southern California, in one unspecified institution, more than likely a personal hospital or retreat, while that recalls the occasions that led as much as his relocating there. In the regard, the institution deserve to be considered one that the novel’s settings. On web page 1, Holden refers to the "crumby place" that "isn’t too far . . . Hollywood" whereby his brothers lives; that is continuing to be there in order to "take it easy" after ~ the "madman stuff" that had happened about Christmas. Top top the novel’s critical page, that mentions a "psychoanalyst."

Within Holden’s narrative, one main setting is the prep institution from i m sorry he has just to be expelled as the novel begins. On page 2, the names Pencey Prep, i m sorry is in Agerstown, Pennsylvania.

Several various other settings are situated within Manhattan, the borough of brand-new York City whereby Holden stays with his family. In new York, there several settings than have the right to be taken into consideration primary, consisting of the Caulfield family’s apartment, whereby Holden converses through his sister, Phoebe; a hotel, whereby he has an encounter with a prostitute and also a pimp; the American Museum of organic History; and the swings in central Park.

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When Holden come in Manhattan in chapter 9, the asks the driver to take him come the Edmont Hotel, wherein he assigned a “very crumby room.” In thing 16, Holden visits main Park, trying to find Phoebe. Not finding she there, that heads because that the museum yet then decides no to enter. Holden return to the park in thing 20, visiting the lake in search of ducks, yet finds that "partly frozen" and also without ducks. In ~ the chapter’s end, he ultimately goes home; the following chapter is collection at his house. Parts of thing 25 take ar in the museum and the park, especially the carousel.