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Frida Kahlo had actually a major thing for her own face.

Self-Portrait with Monkey and also Parrot is simply one of 55 self-portraits Frida Kahlo do over her lifetime, many of which attribute a ton that flora, fauna, and also facial hair. Roots, leaves, and also rustic patterns all contribute to her picture of native Mexico. Some say the monkey and also parrot describe the Aztec symbols for lust and promiscuity. They’re additionally totally Kahlo’s pets, Fulang-Chang and Bonito. “La Casa Azul”, or the Kahlo-Rivera residence, hosted a bunch of pet friends who make symbolic cameos. Fulang-Chang and also Bonito mutual a backyard pyramid house with Granizo the fawn and also Gertrudis Caca Blanca the eagle, and Bonito could do tricks because that peanut butter, so ns guess it’s not actually tough to imagine why Kahlo didn’t leaving the house much.

Despite the tight crop, Self-Portrait with Monkey and also Parrot also shows the Kahlo was a complete style icon. She tied her hair in accessorized braids to celebrate her Mexican heritage, and also wore brightly-colored classic woven textiles. She also purposefully thickened that epic face hair as a sort of feminist jab at sex norms. As a biracial, bisexual woman artist, Kahlo cared around expressing she own facility identity in ~ the paper definition of conference Mexico. A the majority of her arts thematizes combining 2 entities to do a brand-new one - cultures, sexualities, eyebrows, what have actually you.

Most the Kahlo’s self-portraits relate to pain or suffering in some capacity. They were primarily made together coping mechanisms because that the two good accidents of her life: being hit through a bus, and marrying Diego Rivera (“Diego was by far the worst”). However hanging the end in some corn with Fulang-Chang and Bonito no seem an especially traumatic. Kahlo’s moods have the right to be tough to review in her paintings, due to the fact that she always frowned to hide an unfortunate this situation, yet the shining colors and neutral content below probably reflect a reasonably happy time in her life. The 1942, her functions are presented in some major galleries, and things are typically going swimmingly in ~ La Casa Azul. Return she didn’t market many, the self-portraits began popping increase in museum in both Mexico and the unified States. She also presented one as a birthday gift to Communist leader (and in ~ one point, lover) Leon Trotsky, because nothing states “Happy birthday!” choose a paint of your very own face.

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Now, La Casa Azul serves together the Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City, and also a big collection of works prefer Self-Portrait through Monkey and Parrot are tho there. And yes. Fulang-Chang’s pyramid house is still there too.