Leggings deserve to be school attire once worn correctly, fashion blogger Lucie Zhang writes

Schools should focus on student advance rather 보다 wardrobe, she says

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Editor’s Note: At a college in Illinois, middle schools students space fighting come be permitted to undertake leggings come class. Social media strategist and also fashion blogger Lucie Zhang originally wrote this defense the leggings in classroom in 2013.

Our country is enduring a situation of slim Bottoms. Lululemon recently had actually to recall its famous yoga trousers for gift see-through, and now schools across the nation are banning leggings indigenous the classroom.

panic everyone! Girls space walking roughly with the outlines of their panties showing! and also while this practice isn’t what my mom would call “proper ladylike demeanor,” the personal choice of girls to wear leggings has come under attack.

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the the an outcome of a usual misunderstanding the leggings are pants. They room not. However a couple of girls’ confusion on whether or no leggings room pants need to not damage the true comfort and convenience the leggings for those who understand the difference.


Courtesy Cole Haan
Lucie Zhang (Courtesy Cole Haan)
i ask you, institution administrators, if friend have ever before tried to placed on a pair of freshly dried blue jeans in the morning, after ~ the bliss the wearing her lightweight, loose PJs. The shock of restriction have the right to be depressing. Devastating. Morale-killing. Over there are merely some days i cannot mentally manage the assumed of attract pants. And also it is in these moments of psychological weakness the I turn to my knight in glowing cotton-spandex-blend: leggings.

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i make this choice mainly since of the means leggings produce a comparable silhouette to pants – one the cannot be achieved by wearing various other trouser-alternatives such as shorts, skirts or dresses – without developing the dreaded muffin top.

In fact, if you’re going come restrict anything, it have to be the extremely distracting bulge that occurs once an individual has actually on a pair of too tight, also low-rise jeans. Muffin tops space universally uncomfortable and unflattering and also should it is in banned together such.


Courtesy Lucie Zhang
Fashion blogger Lucie Zhang states leggings do perfectly well attire if worn correctly. Click through the gallery for fashionista-approved means to rock the garment.
exactly how to stay leggings


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Leggings, however, accomplish a niche within the wardrobe of every woman. Castle neither trousers nor tights. When paired through a tunic – a peak that consist of the rundown of a lady’s underwear – the result look is perfectly nondistracting, and shows much less skin than shorts or skirts. It’s flattering and also a an ext slimming look than the extra thickness leggings would include under a skirt or dress – the only way some colleges want lock to it is in worn.

Ultimately, fashion is a type of self-expression, and also students have to be permitted to experiment with their an individual style, especially throughout the formative years the middle and high school.

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The problem we have actually here is an education one. As areas that aim to encourage self-improvement and development, schools have to work towards teaching student why social standards – favor not wearing leggings together pants – develop before they pressure students into adhering to questionable dress password solutions. Teach a girl the a fish is no a cow prior to showing her just how you would capture it, fairly than forcing her to eat the fish v a side of steak in an attempt to demonstrate the difference.