We’re officially right into the Season 9 that Fortnite and also there space some pretty far-reaching changes to the whole landscape. The season has actually a futuristic vibe come it with sci-fi skyscrapers and also wind tunnels transparent the map. The wind tunnels, called Slipstreams deserve to be supplied to traverse the soil at very high speeds. The brand-new season, together expected, has also brought a bunch of brand-new challenges and also unlockable items with it. The Week 1 of obstacles for Season 9 is live now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch and also mobile. The progression device is the exact same as prior to i.e. Finishing difficulties will get you some battle Stars i beg your pardon you deserve to use to level up your battle Pass and earn rewards.

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The style of the challenges additionally remains the very same as the ahead seasons. The difficulties come in 2 sets, complimentary and premium. The cost-free challenges are easily accessible for anyone while the premium difficulties are obtainable by just the football player who own a premium fight pass. There is also a third challenge every week called Utopia an obstacle that unlocks after every other an obstacle for the week has actually been completed. This can offer you an additional battle star or a banner. The obstacles for main 1 it seems ~ pretty straightforward and consist of work like visiting sky platforms and dealing damages in different ways. Completing any kind of 4 challenges from this week will additionally get you some bonus XP. So, without additional ado, let’s look in ~ the obstacles for mainly 1 and how to finish them.

Season 9 mainly 1 an obstacle List

Free Challenges

Stage 1 of 2: journey the slip Stream around Neo Tilted. This is precious 2 fight Stars.Visit every 7 skies Platforms. Perfect this will gain you 5 fight Stars.Deal 200 damage to an foe within 10s after utilizing a zero Bomb. This is precious 10 fight Stars.

Premium Challenges

Pick increase 5 legendary Items in different matches. This will acquire you 5 fight Stars.Search 7 chests at happy Landing or booty Lake. This is precious 5 fight Stars.3 Scoped weapon eliminations. This challenge is precious a hefty 10 fight Stars.Stage 1 the 3: deal 300 damage to adversaries from at the very least 2 stories. This is precious 3 fight Stars.

Visit sky Platforms Challenge

Most the the obstacles in week 1 space pretty straightforward and also don’t need any extr instructions. However, there is one an obstacle that deserve to make you scratch your head a bit. This is the second an obstacle in the complimentary category and also requires you to visit some sky Platforms dotted approximately the map. If friend remember the challenges from last season, there was one in i m sorry you had actually to visit some Pirate Camps roughly the map. Well, this an obstacle is basically the same as that and also the Pirate Camps have just been changed by sky Platforms. The sky Platforms, as the surname suggests, are platforms hovering in the sky and are pretty basic to spot indigenous a distance. There room a complete of 7 skies Platforms that you need to visit in bespeak to finish the challenge. Here’s a map marked with locations of all sky Platforms.

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Just choose the previous Season, Season 9 has a bonus weekly difficulty as well. This come in the type of Utopia an obstacle which replace instead instead the Discovery an obstacle from Season 8. Anyone who has completed all the previous challenges for the mainly is eligible because that completing the Utopia challenge. This difficulty usually requires a player feather at clues to uncover a surprise secret. The secret can either be a fight Star which level up the fight Pass for rewards or a covert Banner which deserve to be provided as a profile icon. If you end up all 7 challenges from this week, you will do it unlock a special loading display with hidden hints pointing in the direction of the location of the an enig Battle Star.


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