​Fortnite Season 7 main 5 fight Star place will be important for players that successfully finish all obstacles each week, as they will have the ability to snag a an enig Battle Star. They'll simply need to uncover it first.

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#FORTNITE SNOWFALL obstacles WEEK 5 – HIDDEN battle STAR LOCATION discovered pic.twitter.com/7niUOfWQHV

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​​The place of the secret Battle Star is teased in the brand-new loading screen players will get after perfect the ​Fortnite Season 7 week 5 challenges. In ~ the height left corner of the loading screen, players can spot part of the battle Star peeking native the roof that the little lodge.

Fortnite Season 7 main 5 fight Star location

The lodge deserve to be found in in between Frosty Flights and also Happy Hamlet, two locations that are covered in snow. Over there is an area that has actually a hole in it, i m sorry players can drop down into and land ~ above the roof the the lodge. 

After communicating with the battle Star, football player will obtain the free Battle happen tier ~ the match ends.

Cover photograph courtesy of epic Games 

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