As usual, the puppets space usually within of the buildings, yet they are small enough that it’s easy to tempt them out right into the open. This renders it much much easier to extract them, as you won’t be required to carry them outside. Few of them are in riot suits, therefore you’ll must use CQC on castle to stun them.

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142 - remove the wandering Puppets 15

This is the final Wandering Puppets next Ops and there’s nothing various from the vault ones, except that all of them will be in riot suits. So, you’ll need to use CQC on them come knock lock unconscious, after which, you have the right to extract them. The course, friend can constantly kill them, however they are amongst the easiest adversaries you’ll face in the game, therefore why not beef increase your mom Base.

143 - Extract the AI Pod (Important)

Kaz wants some dust on Emmerich and also asks you come retrieve the AI pod native Afghanistan main Base Camp. Of course, there will be lot of of adversaries here, although offered the size of the base, friend shouldn’t have actually too lot trouble infiltrating it. You will uncover the AI Pod within of the eastern large building, which has a few entrances (marked by a blue light next to it). When inside, head come the computer, which should now it is in highlighted with a yellow marker, and big Boss will automatically send the huge pod blasting turn off (with no guards gift alerted), finishing the side Ops.


144 - for sure the continues to be of the man on Fire (Important)

The Soviets have taken the male on Fire’s remains and moved them come Yakho Oboo supply Outpost. Together you know by now, this place has actually quite a number of enemies in it, and also the remains are located in the big, open area in the middle. So, you’ll desire to at least take out all of the adversaries that are in the open up area, and any rather that might get in her way. When the path is clear, find and inspect the body to view a cutscene, which brings you to the end of the next Ops.


145 - search for the Escaped kids 01 (Important)

There is a gunship patrolling the skies in ~ Mfinda Oilfield, an interpretation you’ll most likely want come take care of it prior to heading within of the area. Utilizing a rocket launcher is loud and might do the enemies find out her location, yet you can also use a silenced sniper rifle (the M2000-D will do nicely). If you use the latter, get into a crawling position and as soon as girlfriend hit the chopper, quickly roll or to crawl to one more position. Store doing this till the chopper walk down.

As far as the boy goes, girlfriend will uncover him inside of a structure on the southeast side of the oilfield. This is great news because that you, as that method you don’t need to mess through a majority of the enemies inside that the area. While taking out any kind of enemies in the vicinity the the child, you’ll desire to be careful of the patrolling enemy vehicle that will periodically display up at the base. As soon as you have actually the child, extract the by helicopter or Fulton come finish.

146 - search for the Escaped children 02 (Important)

This boy is situated inside the mansion in Lufwa Valley, which has actually a the majority of enemies. It will certainly be tricky to execute this without being spotted, but it is possible if girlfriend take your time and try to Fulton everyone as quickly as feasible to obtain them the end of your way permanently. Start by going approximately the perimeter and also taking out every one of the adversaries stationed outside.

There room two extra to adjust you’ll desire to watch out for here, including a patrolling vehicle and two soldiers the come indigenous the south. When the outside is clear, friend will want to head inside, i beg your pardon is the hardest part. The northern entrance will put you on the an initial floor, while the southern one will placed you closer to the child’s location. Take it slow and also kill/tranquilize adversaries as you come to them, then bring the child exterior for extraction.

147 - find for the Escaped youngsters 03 (Important)

The very first thing you’ll an alert as you obtain close to Aabe Shifap damages is that there aren’t any type of normal enemies. Friend see, the kid is at the height of a tower and the only opponents you’ll find roughly the place are two bears roaming about. You can not also have come worry about the bears, because they can not be even near the tower. Over there is a crack you can climb top top the one side the will lug you as much as the kid, that you could need to maneuver a bit prior to you have the right to extract him.

148 - find for the Escape kids 04 (Important)

This boy is located at Lamar Khaate Palace, on an top floor top top the south side the the main building. The within of the palace have the right to be fairly confusing, but there space stairs that result in the second floor top top the southern side, however to obtain to the 3rd floor, you’ll have actually to venture north come find more stairs. As soon as on the 3rd floor, you’ll should navigate the walkways to with the child. Autumn down with him and carry him come a safe ar for extraction.


149 - find for the Escape kids 05 (Important)

Head because that Smasei Ruins and also you’ll notice there space no adversaries in the open area outside. Hmm, that is certainly weird. If you lugged D-Dog along, you’ll watch him pinging adversaries in the northern part of the cave system and looking in ~ them will certainly pinpoint the problem…they room puppet soldiers! That way you don’t should worry around being stealthy, therefore head up there and shoot them in the head until you acquire to the child. Bring him exterior for extraction.


In order to unlock side Ops 150, you’ll need to have acquired Quiet as your Buddy and max the end her bond. Complete Mission 43 and also keep doing side Ops until you acquire the cutscene that triggers Emmerich’s exile from mom Base. Also, make sure you don’t have actually the Butterfly emblem equipped as your mom Base emblem, or else this won’t unlock.


Unlocking next Ops 150 will make Quiet leave you, although over there is a means to get her ago (with the recent patch). So, prior to maxing the end her shortcut or perfect Mission 43, make certain you equip the Butterfly emblem come your mommy Base (equip indigenous ACC), together this won’t make her leave. Keep in mind that this won’t do Side Ops 150 unlock, though.

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150 - certain Quiet (Important)

There isn’t really lot to this next Ops, so head to the highlighted zone and find the guard short article there. There’s the common amount of enemies here, plus a sniper on the other side the the road. Your target is the structure on the one side with an ext enemies. Head inside of it and you won’t discover anything except for one intel paper on the desk. Check it to command straight right into Mission 45.