Ryan Murphy"s new FOX show Scream emperors is a an overwhelming one to define. It"s camp, it"s horror, it"s comedy, it"s essentially glam erotic wrapped in designer couture and slick one-liners. Simply watching one episode allows you recognize all the you have to show: this show is going to be one messy and also fucked increase ride. The pilot easily introduced united state to the members the the sorority Kappa Kappa Tau, a group of girls so vile-acting they worthy their own Bravo spin-off. This year, they"re compelled to take any kind of girl top top campus that wishes to it is in a pledge, which means the seniors are stuck v a less-than-stellar bunch to carry on their legacy. Oh, go I mention that someone on campus in a Red evil one costume is going around mowing girl"s top off? Well, yeah, over there is the too. Although Whitney Meyer might not it is in a surname you"ve seen before, acquire used to it. She dram Tiffany, a sweet freshman who is provided the moniker "Deaf Taylor Swift" through Emma Roberts. Meyer started acting as a means to get over bullying in she past and also reinsert some confidence right into her life. V non-traditional spreading she was plucked from obscurity and also put on among the many widely publicized brand-new shows this loss season. Return she acquired her head mowed off beforehand in the season opener, Meyer is no a girl come forget. She may only be 20, but already she understands the prestige of diversity in Hollywood and also how she"s bringing visibility come the deaf ar with her role. I sat down through her end FaceTime to comment on her feminist icons and what it to be like gaining her confront mowed when being buried up to her neck. Tell me exactly how you obtained started through acting

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My mommy took me come classes and also workshops at a theatre in Boston that us frequented when I was roughly 11 or 12 and I additionally had the possibility to work with some really an excellent acting coaches.. Later on I did an ext student/independent/short films and also decided that"s what I wanted to do because working on movie sets room so much fun.So Scream queens was your first role?Scream emperors was my an initial TV gig, and it was fun and campy and massively various from anything I"ve ever before done, yet I perform want world to know that I desire to it is in taken seriously together an actor, both top top film and also television. Being deaf deserve to be challenging sometimes when you"re in the real world, but it isn"t avoiding me from getting to for the stars. Or the top shelf in my kitchen attempting to grab my favorite coffee mug.When you an initial got the manuscript was there any type of trepidation play the character that is described as "Deaf Taylor Swift?"Well actually I knew I would certainly be playing a deaf girl that loved Taylor Swift, but I didn"t know that she would be referred to as that. The was Chanel"s character"s totality thing.Where friend offended when you got to set and they started calling girlfriend that?I wasn"t, however when there was line whereby I was referred to as "hearing impaired" ns told the writers that it have to be "deaf," because I didn"t want the deaf ar to be offended and I care around their feelings. "Hearing impaired," isn"t a term most deaf human being like, or also use. "Impaired" often method broken or no normal, and that isn"t the case.Did Ryan Murphy ever define to the actors his think on taking aim in ~ every decimal group?He didn"t describe to me, yet if you notice he is a huge fan of non-traditional casting. The loves spreading people with different body types, disabilities and also skills. Therefore he"ll have deaf people, people in wheel chairs. Indigenous Glee to Nip Tuck the is out there and also he"s done all of it. He"s an extremely inclusive in his casting.Do girlfriend think if a non-deaf gibbs was play your personality you would certainly be offended?I don"t think I"d love it. It"s difficult to say, since you have actually Kevin McHale in Glee playing someone in a wheelchair even though the isn"t in one in genuine life. He did a good job and is a great actor, yet I feel favor if someone was not deaf and also trying to play deaf ns wouldn"t love it. The lead actress in the show Switched at Birth, Katie Leclerc isn"t deaf, and also sometimes that is difficult for me to clock but, again, she"s a good actor. Ns think it really varies from function to role.Which shows influenced you to come to be an actress?I was about 12 as soon as I started acting. I started because I wanted to work past some of my self-esteem issues. However you understand what? ns was a large fan of mary Kate and Ashley shows growing up! i loved young name Duff and Lizzie McGuire. Usually anything Disney and also early 2000s: That"s for this reason Raven, Phil the the Future, every those shows really helped me learn around social relationships and also how civilization interact v each other.
Would you to speak you to be a misfit farming up?
You know, farming up i was an extremely shy and I still am shy in ~ times. I think most civilization are not totally outgoing. As soon as I to be younger ns was a misfit due to the fact that I was bullied for being deaf. Girlfriend look ago on that and also it sucked, but you have to learn from what you"ve experienced and grow from. Girlfriend shouldn"t let it impact who you space as a human in a an unfavorable way.Did bullying readjust your life in a hopeful way?It do me a lot an ext aware the right and wrong. It opened my eye to exactly how you should treat people and really conscious of people"s feelings. It harms me to see world hurting top top the outside and also inside. If anything that made me want to make others happy more.Was it daunting being bullied growing up then coming to collection and playing a character who is basically bullied?I didn"t think a lot around my very own bullying why play Tiffany aka deaf Taylor Swift. My personality was really sweet and naive however didn"t really know what was going on. She didn"t recognize that Chanel to be being a little bitch the a bitch to her. It was simple though since everyone on set treated me through such kindness and respect. There to be an interpreter on set for me and also no one treated me any kind of differently. The whole cast and crew to be so significant sweet that made it yes, really easy.What to be it like getting your head mowed off -- deserve to you define how shooting that scene worked?Oh man, that scene to be long. It was a night shoot and also they had us in barrels in the ground the we would sit in and also they would cover our necks with dirt. It was awesome yet it yes, really felt favor we were hidden at times due to the fact that of all the bugs that would be crawling with our hair.Who were you closest to on set?Well everyone was supervisor nice but I would certainly say Abigail Breslin. Together we got lunch v our moms and shared a the majority of coffee moments.Would you think about Scream emperors a feminist show?I wouldn"t call it a feminist show necessarily, yet the characters definitely know who they are and who they desire to be. You have characters like Zayday that is all about girl power. Everyone has actually their very own identity and also is yes, really stepping up and realizing it. Last week they had a an extremely feminist step this season where they beat increase frat guys for sexualizing them. Because that me that was a vital moment reflecting these girl are getting in tune with their inner strut.

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Do you have an inner-strut?
Today ns do! i think once I have four shots of espresso i channel mine inner strut.Has Taylor Swift got to out come you since?No, but that would be incredible! I recognize Ryan Murphy has actually made a few homages to she in the show yet she"s additionally been ~ above tour. Who do you think is the red devil?I think it"s possible right currently it"s the Dean, however I don"t understand for sure. The dean to be there and also so was Gigi so ns think we have a lot come see between them around what occurred all the method back in 1995.Would you take into consideration Hollywood a location where hearing disabled actresses choose yourself are provided a shot?I yes, really wish over there were much more roles the end there due to the fact that too often casting directors will look in ~ my picture and resume and like what they see however once they discover out I"m deaf, "I don"t to the right the role." i hate making use of the term discrimination, but if human being can think of various other actors who have non-visible disabilities (and physics too), together inspirational... Ns think deaf actors should also be in the mix more. Hollywood would be even more eclectic and also fun if it were one huge melting pot that non-traditional casting.... Also it would be pretty if girlfriend didn"t need to have a size zero waist. Yet until the happens, i just have to prove that I"m precious the shot!!Follow Whitney on Twitter and also Instagram.