This is the very first day the the remainder of her life and also you deserve the perfect gown! use the information listed below to prepare for her appointment in ~ the Special occasion Boutique in Alexandria, MN.

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This is the very first day of the remainder of her life and you deserve the perfect gown! use the information listed below to prepare for your appointment in ~ the Special event Boutique in Alexandria, MN.

Take time come browse with the web links of our bridal designers to watch all the gowns in their collections. This will help you in emerging a vision for her bridal style. There will certainly be points you like, things you don"t, and also things you certainly can’t live without. We desire to aid you find the perfect silhouette, color, detail, & fabric. 

We carry out like to have actually our brides shot on a little bit of everything to make certain you deserve to see you yourself in all dress styles. You might be surprised at what you loss in love with!
We listen very closely to what you are liking and also not liking, while trying on, this helps united state pull gowns because that you. It"s an excellent and valuable to lug in any photos or present us her Pinterest board of looks the you love! 

The first important step in narrowing under the perfect dress for friend is to figure out your budget. Our gowns in the showroom variety in price native $300-$2,000. Designer and also the amount of dress detail plays into the pricing variations.


Throughout the year, we sometimes discount our floor samples between 40-75% off their original price. Be certain to contact us because that details if you would certainly like more information on certain prices or samples.

To provide ample time to order and alter your wedding dress, us recommend beginning the shot on procedure as soon as feasible and ordering her gown 4-12 month ahead of time. This provides plenty that time for alterations! rush orders are available, yet can add unneeded stress.

Our sizes range from size 6 increase to size 30, which contains a an excellent selection of plus dimension gowns. our bridal consultants have plenty of techniques and tricks because that making the gowns fit you together close to your size as possible! once you’ve uncovered THE gown, we will take her measurements and order your dress together close come your existing size together possible.

Get excited – wedding dress shopping is so lot fun and also should be one of the most interesting decisions you make! 

This is her day and also your gown. Return you may not have any type of tears as soon as you "say yes" come a dress... You have to wear what makes you feel absolutely beautiful. We promise, when you discover the ideal gown... You will certainly know! 

On average, the appointment have the right to last native 1-3 hours, which counts on the bride and how many gowns castle would prefer to shot on. We try to show you everything you want and need to shot on.

We have over 200 costume in our shop, so in ~ the beginning of the appointment, you"ll have a brief consultation to seek layout information prior to selecting gowns, while her guests space accommodated in the bridal viewing area. Girlfriend will have actually our undivided fist from the beginning to finish of your exclusive appointment!

Your certified consultant will be assisting you through the handling of gowns, from selection to presentation. Keep an open mind as your bridal stylist recommends particular styles and silhouettes! part gowns look completely different ~ above the hanger 보다 they perform on her body. 

Bring suitable undergarments. You desire to envision yourself on your wedding day, therefore items such together Spanx, a strapless bra, and also shoes beat a key role! naked undergarments provide you the most accurate idea of just how a gown will certainly look. Do not problem if you are without this items. A strapless bra is helpful, however not have to needed. Most of the gowns have the right to be worn braless, and also typically bust cups are put in throughout alterations. Underwear is compelled to shot on every gowns. 


Bring her shoes, if you have actually them in ~ this point. If not, execute not worry! we have many shoes options you might use during your try-on.

Also think about bringing a hair tie if you plan to wear your hair up, jewel if you recognize you are going to wear the on her wedding day, the veil girlfriend may have inherited, and pair of shoes if you want to visualize just how you will certainly walk in your gown.

You deserve to count top top the certified consultants the the Special event Boutique to serve you native "I will to ns do" if making this suffer memorable, fun, timely, & problem free.

We suggest a timeline of 8-12 weeks because that alterations leading up to your wedding date.


We have a list of experienced and trusted seamstresses us can provide to help with your alterations.

Your certified consultant will be assisting you through the handling of gowns, from choice to presentation. It is necessary for you to feeling served, as this is just one of life’s many memorable experiences. We will certainly openly and candidly answer any and all her questions.

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You can count top top the certified consultants that the Special occasion Boutique to offer you from "I will to i do" if making this endure memorable, fun, timely, & problem free.