The "Superstore" actress take away it ago to "02 through this banger through "Misdemeanor" featuring Ms. Jade and Ludacris.

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Tonight"s the night for Sam Richardson! Sam Richardson ("Veep") performs Stevie Wonder"s hit, "Part-Time Lover" in his opening round performance.
It"s the Lip Sync fight Country Holidays Preshow! Dustin Lynch is anxious around all the dancing, but his charm will carry him through. Cassadee Pope is feeling super confident. Plus: Lee and also Elliott exchange gifts, the Battle break down with Matt Steffanina, the debut that SAINT PRICK-OLOS, a recap of the historical Lip Sync battle between George Washington and King George III, and more!
Sing follow me to among your favorite holiday songs with Cassadee Pope, Dustin Lynch, Brendon Urie, LL Cool J, Chrissy Teigen, man Legend & all of the LSB dancers.
Dustin & Cassadee food on what it’s favor to attend to choreography, their upcoming tourism together, and where the championship belt will be stored.
Country artist Dustin Lynch has a different form of package he wants to unwrap this Christmas. Watch him perform Ludacris"s "What"s your Fantasy" on Lip Sync battle Country Holidays.
Ray Lewis and also Tony Gonzalez sign up with the Preshow to talk about their upcoming Battle. Beam Lewis speak Elliott what advice he got from Michael Phelps. Lee is so charmed through Tony she sets the end to make him a gift basket. Plus, a look ago at Ruby rose vs. Milla Jovovich in the fight Breakdown.
He"s a record-breaking tight End, NFL now analyst, and he"s also got his own dance. Watch Tony Gonzalez bust a relocate to Digital Underground"s "Humpty Dance."
Whether it"s journalists, land developers or divisions within their own inner circle, the Dutton family has proven time and also time again they never earlier down indigenous a fight.
As the battle over land rages on, the Duttons are targeted like never ever before, and also everyone is payment the price for power on Yellowstone Season 4, premiering on November 7.

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Expect more action, drama, humor, next hustles, steamy hookups and also secrets native the past on the debut season of 68 Whiskey.