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Sunday February 27th, 2022Las Vegas, NVDistance: Marathon · fifty percent Marathon · 10K · 5K

Run the piece at night in Vegas. The marathon and fifty percent marathon courses are as flat and also festive as they come – perfect because that runners and walkers that all ability levels.

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(2019) Tommy Puzey says winning the rock ’n’ Roll las Vegas Marathon “feels precisely like a panic strike to me.”

“Bright lights and also loud noises,” that said, jokingly, after cross the end up line just external of The Mirage. “It’s a perfect exercise in mindfulness.”

That, and an exercise in world-class endurance.

Puzey won the 26.2-mile gyeongju for the second consecutive year through a time of 2 hours, 28 minutes, 4 seconds. He perfect in 2:25:53 last year and joins Zoltán Holba together the only rivals with lot of titles.

Holba won 4 consecutive gyeongju from 1996-99.

“It’s simply a ton that fun,” Puzey said. “To be able to line up and also run v the folks in the half (marathon) that obviously gives you a lot of energy. Us feed turn off each other. The fans are out there. It’s great. It’s just a fun night.”

Puzey ran collegiate track at Brigham Young-Hawaii. He takes to run much much more seriously now because he “ran for 2 months and surfed for 10 months.”

“It wasn’t really the focus,” Puzey stated with a smile. The is now and also he trains year round while contending in about 10 races annually.

Jacob Krolick finished in second place with a time that 2:31:25 and Meng-Tsung Chu was 3rd with 2:32:09.

But Puzey is the champion. And a usually champion, in ~ that.

“I shot to train and also listen to my body and also then when whatever comes together, find a gyeongju that’s close and also just hammer it,” claimed Puzey, 35, who stays in Flagstaff, Arizona. “I feel favor if you have it to plan too far in advance, you shot and squeeze your fitness into some arbitrary time frame and also you end up break yourself.”

Northern Arizona redshirt an elderly Tyler Day won the half-marathon in 1:03:48. Harvey Edward Nelson finished 2nd in 1:03:55 and Patrick Rizzo finished 3rd in 1:07:15.

Day had never ran a half-marathon.

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“There are world with guitars. Over there are civilization screaming in ~ us,” work said, excitedly. “It’s a bunch that mixture of everything that’s simply awesome around Vegas, I’m nice sure.”

Day was not eligible to operation cross nation this year, so he mapped the end a cultivate schedule the concluded with the rock ’n’ Roll fifty percent marathon. That will return to campus because that his indoor and outdoor monitor seasons and is hoping the half marathon victory deserve to springboard that toward extr success.

“I’m no a party owl. I don’t go clubbing. Ns don’t go gambling,” work said. “So if there to be anyway I’m walk to enjoy Vegas, it would be running on the piece at night.”