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Positives: bed is comfortable (bed, not pillows) and water is nice and hot, room was clean.Negatives: slim musty smell, condensation on the window, rickety a/c/heating unit, uncomfortable...
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for the price it is great, and also hard to ask because that more. Yet it is basic, cleanliness is alright however could it is in better. Some of the guests deserve to be sketchy or strange. My travelling companion gained bitten...
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probably the worst Red Roof Inn I've ever stayed in ~ or actually the worst hotel in basic that I've ever before stayed at. Yes, the girl at the front workdesk were nice but even then i think those girls...
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Is this place star-crossed, or what? the is appropriately called: "Red Roof Inn Durham - Triangle Park4405 HIGHWAY 55 EAST, DURHAM, NC5.76 miles from Durham, NC, USA"(That's native the Red Roof...
This place was not really clean- one of the bed covers was obviously crusted through something, the floors were so sticky that ns refused to walk barefoot. There is no punch dryer, no iron, and rooms on...

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Rooms with cost-free Wi-Fi microwaves and mini-fridges in a corporation-friendly ar make the Red Roof Inn Durham - Triangle Park a convenient choice for ours guests. The three-floor hotel has actually 115 non-smoking rooms along exterior corridors. Rooms feature free Wi-Fi cable TV microwaves and mini-fridges. Cost-free coffee and also tea are constantly on hand in the lobby together are totally free weekday newspapers. The front workdesk is open up 24 hours and also parking is free. The hotel is top top Highway 55 simply north I-40 and three miles northwest of study Triangle Park. Fight it out University is ripe miles northwest and also the college of north Carolina is 10 mile west. Drive six miles north because that Durham Bulls strong Park and also nine mile north for the Museum that Life and also Science. Those through an interest in the polite War deserve to head 12 miles northwest to Bennett Place. If you"re driving native Raleigh-Durham international Airport the hotel is eight miles northwest.