The band returns to your hometown v a highly energetic performance in the very first of 2 sold-out shows.

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The Red warm Chili Peppers’ show Saturday night in ~ Staples center played out favor a lovefest to their hometown that Los Angeles — and also the fans couldn’t get enough.

“We’re really happy to be home,” bassist Flea — whose hair to be dyed, appropriately enough, Laker violet — called the enthusiasm crowd during the first of 2 sold-out reflects at the meet the NBA team calls home.

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The freshly inducted Rock and also Roll room of Fame band proudly shown a Lakers flag onstage, and Flea at one point gave a shout-out to new team members Steve Nash and also Dwight Howard. Later in the 90-minute-plus show, the bassist — that did most of the talk throughout the night — became nostalgic, reminiscing around the Chili Peppers’ very first concert in Los Angeles nearly 30 year ago.

“This city is difficult sometimes — it’s dirty, it’s gained problems,” the said. “But us travel anywhere the world, and when we get back here and also see all the different flavors that people and also the different cultures, my love f—ing soars through joy. I’m for this reason proud to be an Angeleno.”

The hometown crowd, in turn, verified their appreciation: “Under the Bridge” — a song frontman Anthony Kiedis wrote around L.A. An ext than two decades ago — received some that the loudest cheers that the night, with the audience to sing along and overemphasizing the lyrics “the City that Angels.”

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The tape kicked turn off the I’m v You tour in April in support of their 10th studio album. The marks their an initial full-scale tourism in five years and also their an initial with guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, who replaced John Frusciante in 2009.

Since then, Kiedis has actually been quoted as saying I’m with You point out a “beginning” for the Chili Peppers, if drummer Chad Smith has dubbed the group “a brand-new band.” but at Staples facility on Saturday, the Chili Peppers’ collection list had pretty faithful renditions of numerous pre-Klinghoffer hits, consisting of “Around the World,” “Snow (Hey Oh),” “Otherside,” “Can’t Stop,” “Californication,” “By the Way” and also show closer “Give the Away,” in enhancement to such tracks from I’m through You together “Monarch the Roses” and “The Adventures the Rain dance Maggie.”

While RHCP starting members Kiedis, Flea and Smith are pushing 50 (Klinghoffer is 32), your onstage energy might rival that of a room complete of preschoolers. Flea to be by far the night’s many energetic showman, at one suggest pulling out part boxing moves and later coming back out onstage because that the encore by go on his hands for a good minute.

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One unexpected minute came courtesy the Flea, as soon as his bass endured some type of malfunction during the power of “Californication.” together the crew operated frantically to fix it offstage, the musician rocked the end without his instrument, yet when the song ended, he appeared to come to be impatient, sitting down on the side of the stage to monitor your progress; in fact, it was the only time he stopped relocating all night.

The team was required to improvise — “Let’s rock some Pink Floyd,” Kiedis said — for a couple of minutes till Flea’s instrument was returned.

“Hey Flea, what was the matter with your bass?” Kiedis inquiry him, come which he just shrugged.

Whatever the factor for the malfunction, that didn’t placed a damper on the show.

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“I’ve had numerous hours the ecstasy in this building,” Flea claimed of his experiences watching the Lakers play in the arena end the years. ~ above Saturday night, it was clear that the group rocking out to the Chili Peppers feeling the same.

Set List:

Monarchy that RosesAround the WorldSnow (Hey Oh)OthersideLook AroundShe’s just 18Can’t StopSoul come SqueezeMaggieUniversally SpeakingRight ~ above TimeUnder the BridgeGoodbye HoorayCalifornicationBy the Way