Tumblr is the foremost ar where close-knit neighborhoods share their new ideas, brand-new passions, and brand-new forms of self-expression. This is one internship project I worked on during my time at Tumblr as an intern top top Tumblr’s Product style team of 4 designers. Native research, UX, visual design, and prototyping, ns was fortunate to very own the problem, lead the task with the assist of the team, and also ship the feature in September 2016 ~ above the Google pat Store.

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The nature the posting on Tumblr

Posting ~ above Tumblr is different from posting on various other social networks due to the fact that users aren't urged to say that they are, however just to share what they love. It allows them to construct a collage the their enthusiasm no matter their identity. During a user study, ns chatted with Jen, a power user of seven years, and watched her reblog three posts in much less than 5 minutes for two of her Tumblr blogs. As soon as I request what encourages her to post on Tumblr, she claimed posting feel lighter due to the fact that the articles aren't straight tied to she identity. Tumblr is designed so that customers can short article as plenty of as 250 posts a day even if it is it's developing an original short article or reblogging a post. This unique nature that posting permits users to publish a write-up in countless different ways: users can schedule a post for a details time, conserve it as a draft, post it privately, or add it come queue.

Queueing articles helps blogs grow also when users are away

The queue keeps users' blog actively posting and growing also when they're in ~ school, work, or sleeping.Users can set how many posts get published immediately during a particular time frame of a day.

The initial queueing experience on mobile was limiting

Aside native the limitation the users have the right to only control their queued articles on web, we established several various other pain clues in 2 scenarios in the cell phone experience.


1. Once queueing a post

> Unfamiliar through the ax "queue"> Confusing between scheduling a post and including a write-up to queue

2. When managing queued posts

> unclear what happens after queueing a post> Hidden, complex steps to uncover the queue> No means to view and readjust frequency the posts and time frame


User & organization goals

The user goal to be to easily accessibility and manage queued short articles on mobile, vice versa, the business goal to be to rise original short article creation top top mobile.


If the goals have been met, we have the right to help an ext blogs thrive while users aren't online and also there would certainly be more constant stream the interesting, varied content top top the feed as there would be less flooding indigenous high-volume blogs.

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We damaged the difficulty down into three key objectives and began to occupational on lock in parallel. This "how might we" questions drove our exploration and also experimentation for whiteboarding concepts.