As much as ns love the developers of season 15, there’s other that’s to be bothering me. Tonight I ultimately put mine finger top top it: none are yes, really luxury designers. The difficulty in “A strength Trip” to be to produce an editorial, high-fashion look because that a York City strength woman. Ns was looking front to glamorous looks. The results were all nice, however is that too much to ask because that at the very least one Sean Kelly or Carol Hannah this season?

Anyway, that small gripe aside — this to be a good episode. And also it also came v its very own twist ending, therefore let’s dive ideal in…

The designers meet Tim and also Marie Claire EIC ann Fulenwider in ~ a helipad to acquire this week’s challenge. After acquisition a drive in the helicopter, the designers must use the city landscape as incentive for your looks, i beg your pardon could end up being featured in Marie Claire if it’s the winner.

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They sketch, shop at Mood, and get to work: Mah-Jing wants to do wearable drama, Nathalie is struggling without Jenni roughly for guidance, and Erin is halfway done with — surprise, surprised — an oversize coat.



Tim speak Cornelius to rethink his “amoeba” designs, he tells Dexter come be really mindful v his time, and he speak Nathalia to limit her fabrics.

After model fittings, everyone buckles under to job-related on your looks. Nathalia is having actually a rough time and gets yes, really emotional, and everyone is sweet and supportive — Rik even tries to assist her as much as possible. It’s so sweet and makes me love this team of developers so much.

The following morning, Heidi introduce the developers to guest judges ann from Marie Claire and also Camilla Belle from the remake of When a Stranger Calls. (Like last week’s guest judge, Camilla additionally dated a Jonas brothers — either Lifetime has a thing for Jonas exes or the Jonas bros just have a the majority of exes!)



Mah-Jing was motivated by shipping containers and the water, i beg your pardon he placed in a look that says reflects a an effective African queen. Nina loves his denim and also tweed design — she says it’s powerful and fashionable. Zac states the edge of the dress is great, and also Heidi says, “Well done.”


Nathalia was additionally inspired through the water, yet her architecture wasn’t together successful. Camilla claims she deserve to see wherein the recommendation comes from, yet the jumpsuit and also reflective material don’t look like something a powerful, strong woman would wear. “It’s much more of a strength Ranger 보다 a power woman,” Heidi says, compare it to a costume. Zac claims the construction is poor, and Anne goes all the means to speak it doesn’t look like something a fashion designer would create.

Going because that a happy vibe, Erin do the efforts to just “chill” and also create this effortless look. Ns can’t imagine any kind of NYC power females I recognize wearing this, however the judges disagree v me. Heidi states it’s very editorial, and Anne claims it’s feminine and also “frilly without gift silly.”

Inspired by the Statue that Liberty, Rik produced an exciting draping dress…thing. Vital word: interesting. Zac claims he to be impressed once the look very first came down the runway, but as the version walked past, he thought much more of a toga party. Heidi states it was more “wah-wah” or prefer a tablecloth just up on the model. Nina likens it come an apron, but Anne is his cheerleader. She think it’s so beautiful that she forgives him for the back.

Cornelius needs to prove self after obtaining the Tim Gunn Save, and also he absolutely does v this chic look. Heidi claims it’s business but fun at the exact same time and she’d love to wear it. Camilla states she have the right to see a modern working woman wearing it; Anne, Nina, and Zac all have rave revistayinfiji.coms, so lot so the Nina states she’s happy Tim offered his save.

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Dexter feel voyeuristic from the helicopter, together he had the ability to see right into people’s windows (just just how close walk this helicopter acquire to buildings?!). His gothic see-through look definitely shows that. The problem is the shoulders, i beg your pardon we’ve checked out before. Anne states they’re gimmicky, Camilla says they’re Minnie-mousey, and Nina says they’re overdone — she desires to check out Dexter difficulty himself more.