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In the Pretty little Liars series finale, not only did Mona aid the Liars take down A.D. — which represents Alex Drake, the name of Spencer's pair — but the final moments that the present gave united state a glimpse in ~ the life Mona chose for herself. Turns out, Mona left Rosstayinfiji.comood behind for a life in France, and while that might seem harmless, she's still an extremely much so play a game. Special, she's hold Mary and Alex Drake captive in a dollhouse of her own making.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: ns feel like I have to say congratulations since you won!JANEL PARRISH: i for sure won! I've been sitting on that for a lengthy time!

When walk you discover out Mona's ending?I open minded didn't find out till right prior to the finale, prior to we shoot it. Ns was listening whispers in the writers' room about what to be going come happen, however I didn't know for sure until I got to the two-hour table read and also all read it together. I assumed it was a perfect ending for everybody, yet especially for Mona. She it s okay her version of a happy ending: She wins the game and also she moved to Paris, which she's always been obsessed with, she has actually her love and also her dolls, and literally she dolls in she dollhouse underneath she shop.

PLL fans room like tiny detectives therefore the 2nd the cop came in and also he had actually a French accent, i was seeing human being tweet gift like, "This needs to be part of the ending. Why walk he have actually a French accent?" lock pieced it with each other so conveniently that it was Mona's boyfriend, the he wasn't yes, really a cop, that he caught them for she dollhouse. It's so sick and also twisted and also perfect.

You've been connected in so numerous twists and also reveals and also played so many versions the Mona. What sticks out to you?I constantly really favor nerdy Mona because I just feel favor that's the reason why Mona is the way that she is. That's the love of Mona, really. She's simply this nerdy tiny girl who desires to it is in loved! She's obviously obtained some issues. But you recognize she just wanted acceptance and also it's all she's ever wanted indigenous the girls and also from Hanna and also she want to it is in acknowledged. In ~ the end, she it s okay the acknowledgment that she deserves, that's for sure. I constantly like to check out nerdy Mona it takes us right ago to who she is at the core.

Along the way, did you ever before believe: "Okay, she's good from right here on out."Yes. Ns think after the dollhouse. She to be made a victim simply as much as the various other girls, and also I really do think climate she has actually her very own agenda and she has always had her own angles, however ultimately, i think the from then on, she make the switch. We saw her battle a little bit v the dark side as soon as she was play the game. She absolutely had a mental malfunction and a most that was due to her guilt from death Charlotte and also not ever before telling anybody the secret. The game plays v you in so many ways and also I think that's exactly how it played with Mona to be it acquired her to the breaking allude of she guilt. I perform think that she left her evil ways and switched over to a Liar, in mine opinion, after the dollhouse, having actually that traumatic endure with every one of them.

For what it's worth, I would watch a Mona spin-off set in France.That would be great! I need to say: I type of feel negative that Mary's in there! She didn't really perform anything wrong. She tried to assist Spencer. Ns feel favor Mona should just let her go totally free and allow her invest time v her daughter and I'll store Alex for my doll.

Has it been an overwhelming to speak goodbye to this character?I to be so depressed critical night. I watched the present with my parents and my friend — i promised my parents due to the fact that the really beginning the the show that I'd clock the really last episode with them since they've been my greatest fans and supporters, so ns owed it to them to watch that v them — and it was the best ending i could've had. Ns cried in the last scene. Even though we finished filming critical October, it felt like it's lived on since we've to be watching it. Currently it's really over. It's something us all created and it's beautiful yet now it's over. Ns was an extremely depressed about it last night, to it is in honest.

Thankfully, it will live on.Absolutely. Ours PLL army has to be so incredible because day one and I recognize that they'll constantly be our army and they'll always remember the show and also it will always live ~ above in that way.

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Four tiny liars and a being called “A” (who might or may not it is in the fifth tiny liar) shot to live their lives in Rosstayinfiji.comood. It’s complicated.

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