After family, friends and fans paid your respects over the weekend in numerous wakes because that Angela “Big Ang” Raiola, the Mob Wives fact star was laid come rest.

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Mourners gathered come say their final goodbyes to large Ang top top Feb. 22 in ~ Basilica that Regina Pacis in Brooklyn.


Following the service, large Ang will be entombed in Resurrection Cemetery, Pleasant levels in Staten Island.


The wakes did not go there is no drama. Page Six reported that Brittany Fogarty and also Karen Gravano to be both “banned” from the wake up on Feb. 20 because of “bad blood from her family’s past.”


However, Ang’s various other costars including Renee Graziano, Carla Facciolo and also Drita D’avanzo proved up because that the weekend services.


A source told RadarOnline the wake up was open casket and large Ang to be wearing a black dress with a black hair coat, black color heels and a headscarf.

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Though she split before her catastrophic passing, Raiola’s estranged husband Neil Murphy was in attendance after ~ reports they do peace prior to she died. Huge Ang died on Feb. 18 after losing a fight with cancer. She to be 55.

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