The stepladder finals that the fourth significant of the 2021 Guaranteed rate tour season air live on FS1 April 4

Reno, Nev.—The USBC Masters, the 4th of five majors top top the 2021 Guaranteed price tourism season, starts next week indigenous the nationwide Bowling Stadium. Qualifying and also match play will certainly be streamed live ~ above BowlTV and also simulcast on FloBowling Mar. 30-Apr. 3. The stepladder finals will certainly air live on FOX Sports’ FS1 Sunday, Apr. 4 at 2 p.m. ET.

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Here are some of the optimal storylines heading right into the 2021 USBC Masters:

Butturff Enters as Defending Champion

Jakob Butturff won his very first career significant title in the 2019 USBC Masters, defeating Mykel Holliman in the title match. With the occasion not being hosted in 2020, Butturff enjoyed an extra year as reigning champion and will now attempt to protect his location coming off a second-place complete in the Guaranteed price civilization Championship. Butturff would be the first player to win back-to-back USBC master titles since Jason Belmonte, who won three in a row from 2013-2015.

Belmonte Goes for Five

The three consecutive USBC masters titles because that Belmonte to be on the front finish of a large in which he won the tournament 4 times in five years, adding the 2017 title to collection the record for many career USBC masters wins. Belmonte hasn’t winner the occasion since, but would come to be the an initial player ever before to victory it five times with a victory this year. Belmonte, the all-time record holder with 13 significant titles, missed the cut to complement play in two of the first three majors this year come go with a third-place end up in the competition of Champions.

Troup continues Career Season

In the an initial three majors the the season, Troup has actually finished no lower than seventh. He won the football player Championship, finished saturday in the tournament of Champions and was fifth in the Guaranteed rate civilization Championship. He’s already earned $316,500 on the season and he leads every players in tour competition points.

Barnes Chases the Elusive cool Slam

Triple Crown (U.S. Open, competition of Champions, world Championship) winner kris Barnes needs a USBC Masters location to come to be the fourth player in background to complete the cool Slam, joining Mike Aulby, norm Duke and also Belmonte. He’s to be close on several occasions, bowling for the championship as the No. 1 seed three times in his career, but hasn’t however been maybe to capture the title.

Simonsen Looks to Get earlier to the Finals

Prior to the Guaranteed rate human being Championship, Anthony Simonsen had made it come the stepladder finals in every of the vault four significant championships. He’ll seek to get earlier to his usual place in the top five in the occasion he winner in 2016 to do him the youngest player ever to victory a major championship.

Players Vie because that Berth in super Slam

The super Slam, a one-of-a-kind event ensuing April 18 live on FOX transfer Channel and paying $100,000 to the winner, will function the champions of all five majors. Troup (Players Championship), François Lavoie (Tournament of Champions) and also Tom Daugherty (World Championship) have already secured your spots in the at sight Slam. The final two berths will go come the winners that the USBC Masters and also U.S. Open.

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USBC master Winners due to the fact that 2011

2011 – Tom Hess2012 – Mike Fagan2013 – Jason Belmonte2014 – Jason Belmonte2015 – Jason Belmonte2016 – Anthony Simonsen2017 – Jason Belmonte2018 – Andrew Anderson2019 – Jakob Butturff2020 – not held

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