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reference no: EM13489993

What is the significant product when p-fluoroanisole reacts with sulfur trioxide and sulfuric acid. If applicable, minimization formal dues via expanded octets.

What is the molar massive of the gas

The gaseous product the a reaction is collected in a 25.0 L had at 27 degrees Celsius. The push in the container is 216 kPa, and also the gas has a fixed of 96.0g. What ns

What is the concentration that the acid equipment

549 mL of hydrochloric acid is exactly neutralized with 292 mL 0.450 M calcium hydroxide solution. What is the concentration that the mountain solution?

describe theoretical carbonaceous and also nitrogenous oxygen

calculation the theoretical carbonaceous and also nitrogenous oxygen demand of a garbage containing 50 mg/L lysine, C6H14N2O2. Assume the nitrogen is liberated as ammonia in the an initial

define which link will have actually the larger rf value

describe which compound will have actually the bigger Rf worth on a SiO2 TLC plate making use of 10% ethyl acetate/hexane together eluent 3-decanone or 3-decanol, toluene or benzoic acid and

define the solubility that mnso4 monohydrate in water

The solubility the MnSO4 monohydrate in water at 20deg C is 70.0g per 100.0 mL that water. A equipment at 20deg C the is 4.22M in MnSO4 monohydrate is finest described as a _____

State the equations for the group reactions

Utilizing among the over alkene frameworks of 3-chloro-3, 7-dimethyloctane, State the equations because that the classification reactions that will be provided to establish that alkene

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exit upon convert one mole of vapor

just how much heat is exit upon converting one mole of vapor (18.0 g) indigenous 100.0 °C to water at 25.0 °C? how much warmth is released upon convert one mole of heavy steam (18.0 ) fro

evaluate the molarity the the initial systems

A 26.7 mL sample the HCl solution of unknown concentration to be diluted to 100mL. A 20.0 mL sample the the diluted solution was titrated against .879 M solution of Ba(OH)2. The