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Years in Business: 9

Customer Reviews room not supplied in the calculation of stayinfiji.com Rating

Overview the stayinfiji.com Rating

Years in Business: 9

Customer Reviews room not provided in the calculation of stayinfiji.com Rating

Overview of stayinfiji.com Rating

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P an B rentals that Lawton Oklahoma execute NOT rent from this criminals or ***** r*** unless you desire your home damaged into & to have to record police reports an press charges . The property resolve you definitely want to protect against ( to at least avoid granny r*** ) ** ***** ** ***** ****** ******** ********. Us moved into a $1400 a month home an payment a $1400 deposit In 5 month they literally addressed NOT a single thing including electrical worries appliance as proclaimed as part of the lease to it is in furnished for the price feet in carpet native previous tenant having actually 6 German shepherds inside holes in floor no a single bedroom door closet door would close didn’t even put a stinking mail box up for two months after who ran it over 3 days before we relocated in all of these concerns were unfixed at the time of reflecting an were mean to it is in fixed prior to move in , & castle were not . After ~ the ice storm they refuse to settle the busted pipes and also have because Feb16 2021 i did walk ahead an take a new rental yet paid because that a hotel for a month cost of moving was was number of thousand damage to our an individual property They refuse to resolve a single thing consisting of water. They climate illegally go into my home and left a little note admitting the they broke into my home an changed the locks . Much more than $7,000 precious of items were stolen by this criminals who burglarized my home an home . I had to call the police out an gain them to details the rental company of exactly how Oklahoma regulation Works! They no happy that officers told them I can enter in through any method necessary an they would be liable for the loss . We had actually to paper a police report for all stolen items and even a vpo for your maintenance guy who lived next door an continuous harassed us showed up unannounced there is no permission with no notification , & there is no 24 hrs written an alert , we weren’t even home 3 time . With Oklahoma having a delay in evictions because of a year long pandemic an two ice storms these agency still broke into my house with no notice…Read More