MIAMI, FL - DECEMBER 29: Members that the Alabama Crimson birds takes the field during the college Football Playoff Semifinal before the game versus Oklahoma Sooners at the capital One Orange bowl at hard Rock stadion on December 29, 2018 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Having been based on a lopsided very first half in between Alabama and Oklahoma, fans were hoping the the CFP Playoff Halftime show might administer some included entertainment. But what ESPN did for the halftime production has fans furious.

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During the broadcast, rather than permit viewers clock the live power by rapper and also recording artist Flo Rida, ESPN rather showed a pre-recorded performance by the Dave Matthews Band.

Whether friend think DMB is objectively better than Flo Rida or not, viewers ~ above Twitter to be furious and also quickly tore ESPN come shreds because that the decision.

Nothing gets me amped for a second fifty percent of a university football semifinal prefer a pre-taped Dave Matthews band performance!

— Brooke Pryor (

As if the an initial half wasn"t poor enough because that Oklahoma fans at the #OrangeBowl, they also have to hear to the Dave Matthews tape at halftime.

— RedditCFB (
TylerJonesLive) December 30, 2018

Viewers also listed that it appeared to be the precise same performance the ESPN showed during the Peach key halftime show earlier in the day.

Isn"t this the exact same Dave Matthews Band tune they showed throughout the Peach Bowl???????? Am ns going crazy????

— Rodger Sherman (
rodger) December 30, 2018

Meanwhile, the fans that were in attendance at difficult Rock stadium for the Orange key game got to gain a great Flo Rida performance.

Flo Rida coming through hit ~ hit. Pic.twitter.com/VhqBD93Gcg

— Michael Casagrande (
ByCasagrande) December 30, 2018

Now because that the factor we space all here: Flo Rida’s halftime performance. Pic.twitter.com/of9CIVnDpo

— Carson Cunningham (
KOCOCarson) December 30, 2018

The Alabama fans in attendance to be likely having actually a blast every night.

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Nick Saban’s team steamrolled Oklahoma, scoring 28 unanswered clues in the very first two quarters, and went right into halftime through a 31-10.