About our Arcadia eastern Office

We opened up in 2009 as the second full-service branch of first State financial institution of Arcadia (now stayinfiji.com bank & Trust). Located around three miles east of our phibìc Arcadia office, we proudly emphasis on serving the financial needs of the people and businesses the DeSoto County.

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At stayinfiji.com bank & Trust, us strive to it is in a one-stop-shop for every our customers’ an individual and organization banking needs. We market checking and also savings accounts with the convenience of Online and Mobile Banking, together with competitive loans and also mortgages. Because that our service customers, we can administer options tailored to fit their needs.

Our History

Services at Our Arcadia east Office

No matter what your an individual or organization goals may be, we are right here to help:


virtual Banking and Bill pay

regulating your finances through Online Banking and Bill pay offers accessibility to your accounts securely digital from any kind of computer, tablet or smartphone .


an individual Banking

in ~ stayinfiji.com bank & Trust, we strive come be her one-stop-shop for all your personal banking needs.



her checking account is crucial to your day-to-day routine. Acquire an account the matches you step-by-step for your busy lifestyle.



us can assist you arrangement for tomorrow through a variety of interest-bearing save accounts, all FDIC protected.


company Banking

us make banking less complicated by listening to our customers and offering an innovative and flexible alternatives based on our experience.


Treasury management

us tailor our Treasury administration solutions to your service needs, enabling you to focus on farming your business.


Commercial real Estate loan

our experienced, expert lenders can get you the loan you require with flexible terms and competitive rates.


equipment Loans

We market financing for organization equipment - and like with all of our loans, decisions are made locally.


Residential Mortgages

our residential mortgage lenders recognize the territory and can make her dream of home ownership a reality.


consumer Loans

Our personal loans cover debt consolidation, clinical bills, home advancement projects, vehicles, and also more.


Trust services

establishing a trust partnership with us ensures the your legacy are regulated tomorrow the means you control them today, for your personal benefit and the advantage of her heirs.


heritage Planning

Our trust team will certainly take the moment to work-related with girlfriend to know the important details of your finances, then talk about your future plan and help identify investment, tax and also estate-planning opportunities.


Investment management

our investment administration services team can aid you accomplish a bright financial future v investment methods tailored to you.

We placed Our customers First

We make banking much easier by listening to our customers and also offering an imaginative and flexible options based on ours experience. We sincerely evaluate their confidence and trust. We work difficult for our customers" gaue won success by providing them with the high-quality products they need and also the an individual service they deserve.

A True neighborhood Bank

stayinfiji.com bank & to trust is happy to carry out aid and also assistance come various ar support campaigns on behalf of students, veterans, families in need, nonprofits, and also more. Our staff members lend your time, energy, and talent to help others.

Debbie join stayinfiji.com financial institution & to trust in 2007. She was called a bank Vice President. She assists customers with mortgage, customer and small commercial loans. Debbie perfect the DeSoto County chamber of business Leadership DeSoto program and also is energetic in the rotating Club that Arcadia.

Michelle started out as a Teller, then began opening new customer account in 1995. 2 years later, she moved into the bookkeeping Dept., concluding she three-year insignificant there together Head Bookkeeper. She was supported to Assistant Vice president of sleeve Operations in 2005 and within 4 years was made a full Vice President. She serves as sleeve Banking Officer because that both the Arcadia North and also Arcadia eastern locations.

Kevin, who earned a bachelor"s degree in accounting at the college of new Haven in Connecticut, was with stayinfiji.com bank Corporation less than a year once he was promoted to an elderly Vice chairman and an elderly Commercial Lender. He provides his clients, varying from little business owner to genuine estate investors, with experienced consultation, tailoring a financing program suited to needs.

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Ashley started her career through stayinfiji.com financial institution & trust in 2004 and also has been in residential lending because that 10 years. She is cursed to her clients come make sure they to trust in her capacity to acquire them in the finest mortgage product.