A _____ consists of all species of college.a. Postsecondary educationb. Second diplomac. Vocational educationd. Certificate program

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Which is a stepping-stone toward future education?a. On-the-job trainingb. A high college diplomac. Technological coursesd. Vocational courses
An area of research in which girlfriend take many of your college class is called a _____. A. Minorb. Majorc. Clusterd. Diploma
Programs the award certificates the can help in securing work are called:A. Vocational or technical education programsB. High-school diploma programsC. Secondary school programsD. Internships or on-the-job training
One score of networking is to:A. Limit possibilities so the decision do is easierB. Develop netsC. To visit a university or universityD. More your employed staff opportunities
An instance of decision do in college is:A. Taking classes towards your majorB. To buy or renting a houseC. Picking classesD. Selecting textbooks
A student that completes all college needs earns a _____.A. University degreeB. Regimen certificateC. High college diplomaD. Salary
One advantage of gift a university graduate is that:A. You are guaranteed a project in the field you chooseB. You will have more comprehensive career optionsC. You will certainly have accessibility to vocational or technical jobsD. You deserve to get much better seats at pro sports games
Which the the adhering to is a factor why graduating from high college is important?A. High school graduate is 63 percent less likely to be unemployed than high institution drop outsB. High college graduate earns $185 more per main on typical than a high college dropoutC. High institution graduate is 37 percent much less likely to be unemployed than a high institution dropoutD. High school graduate earns $400 much more per year on typical than a high college dropout
Which that the following is a advantage of a college education?A. 48 percent o fcollege graduates check out to their youngsters dailyB. University graduates are an ext likely to have actually health insuranceC. University graduates do not go into military organization D. University graduates are more likely to vote for the to win candidate in election
Which that the following best matches the term career?a. Teacherb. Sales clerkc. Sleeve associated. Teacher"s aide
a an individual skill is a. Time spent helping othersb. A personal traitc. A an individual characteristicd. An ability to do something




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