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Las las vegas Raiders" NFL free-agent signings 2021: previous first-round choose Karl Joseph returns
Apr 9, 2021
What you need to know around the ras Vegas Raiders:

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What it means: Finally, some security at a place of need. Morrow was the Raiders’ most consistent, abundant and, yes, ideal linebacker last year, a season in which ras Vegas lugged in high-profile complimentary agents Cory Littleton and Nick Kwiatkoski. Morrow began a career-best 11 games and had career high in tackles (77), tackles because that loss (8), sacks (3), overcome defensed (9) and also fumble recoveries (1), while tie career bests with an INT and also a compelled fumble. In fact, he to be the only player in the NFL through at the very least three sacks and also nine passes defensed (the nine passes defensed led all NFL linebackers). His return at strongside linebacker (Kwiatkoski is the MIKE and Littleton is the WILL) gives new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley continuity with which come build.

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What"s the risk: As good as continuity is for a defense under reconstruction, the Raiders can’t be excellent at linebacker, right? Kwiatkoski was solid, as soon as he to be on the field as injuries restricted him. And also Littleton danced dangerously close come bustdom. Also the undersized Morrow, that is a great story as a division III product, got nicked up at times. The Raiders may still have to use the No. 17 in its entirety pick ~ above a linebacker, someone prefer Notre Dame’s Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah. That all relies upon how Bradley watch Morrow as a fit in his defense.

Johnathan Hankins, protective tackle

The Raiders room bringing back Hankins top top a one-year deal.

What that means: Again, an ext continuity for a unit the needs precisely that as it starts a rebuild under new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley. Hankins, who transforms 29 on march 30, has been a constant presence because that the Raiders in the trenches, starting 32 games the last 2 seasons and also Las las vegas desperately needs bodies there. Much more space-eating run-stuffer than pocket-collapser, the 6-foot-3, 340-pound Hankins offers an anchor at protective tackle that might potentially include a rotation the Maurice Hurst, Clelin Ferrell and David Irving on pass downs.

What"s the risk: Is continuous a good thing for a unit that needs fixing? Bringing ago a known quantity is probably a net hopeful -- he does have 2 1/3 sacks and also 12 QB hits in three periods with the Raiders -- but he only had actually one tackle for a loss last season -- a main 16, 9-yard sack of the Dolphins" Tua Tagovailoa. The Raiders need numbers ~ above the interior and could tho look to add some either later on in free agency or in the draft. Potentially both.

Zay Jones, large receiver

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The Raiders agreed come terms v the previous Buffalo Bills and also Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle top top Wednesday.

What that means: The Raiders are beefing increase the internal of their defensive line through veteran suffer as Jefferson, a fifth-round choose of the Seahawks in 2016, joins the re-signed Johnathan Hankins. Jefferson, though, is an ext of a pocket-collapser, as confirmed by his 10½ career sacks and three passes defensed. Critical year, through the Bills, he play in all 16 gamings for simply the second time in his job (he started four) and had 3 sacks (including a strip-sack of Derek Carr in the Bills" 30-23 main 4 victory at las Vegas, in i m sorry he additionally recovered the ball) and a happen defensed. The Raiders need activity in the trenches, as well as results.

What"s the risk: The 6-foot-4, 291-pound Jefferson, who turns 28 on march 31, is no a space-eater and has never ever been a starter from start to finish of a season, so too much might be intended of the ... Unless he is worked into a rotation, along with the likes of Maurice Hurst, on passing downs. In fact, Jefferson has actually started simply 28 the the 55 games in i beg your pardon he"s played. Comes in new later has been a boon for him, so it will be exciting to see exactly how D-line coach rod Marinelli and new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley make use of his energetic skillset.

Solomon Thomas, defensive tackle

Thomas came to be the third defensive handle to agree to terms through the Raiders ~ above Wednesday.

What that means: amazing or intriguing? How about both. The No. 3 overall pick the the 2017 draft by the 49ers never truly lived up to that draft standing, however he is a physical specimen in ~ 6-foot-3, 280 pounds and is the epitome of a player needing brand-new surroundings and a fresh begin after play out of place in Santa Clara. Thomas should actually be supplied as a 3-technique in a 4-3 defense, together a pass-rushing inner lineman in brand-new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley"s scheme and, if healthy, would be a welcome rotational disruptor v the likes the Maurice Hurst and also Clelin Ferrell down low.

What"s the risk: thomas is coming off a take it ACL endured in main 2 critical season. If reports indicate he should be an excellent to walk by training camp, this is more of a prove-it deal. He had actually three sacks as a rookie but only three sacks since, including one the Derek Carr in 2018. And, as connected Press noted, with Thomas and Ferrell (the No. 4 as whole pick in 2019) on the roster, the Raiders space the just team in the NFL through two defensive linemen drafted in the optimal 5 ... Though they only have actually a combined 12½ sacks in 74 games.

Kenyan Drake, running back


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What that means: that the center job is no going to just be given to Andre James, an undrafted complimentary agent who involved the Raiders native UCLA in 2019. The Raiders, you"ll recall, traded three-time agree Bowler Rodney Hudson come Arizona this week, so they require a vet visibility to at least compete for the gig. Martin, a second-round choose of the Texans in 2016, sat out that very first season with an fish eye injury yet has not missed a game because the begin of the 2018 season. In ~ 6-foot-4, 295 pounds, young name is 2 inches taller than Hudson yet 20 pounds lighter. James, meanwhile, is 6-4, 300.

What"s the risk: Hudson was known as one of the smartest centers in the game and QB Derek Carr had actually been through him since 2015. Relationships like that are difficult to replicate. Exactly how long might it take it Martin to build a rapport through Carr, need to Martin win the gig and also beat out James? Remember, James carry out admirably in the one game he began for Hudson in 2019, so there is, in ~ least, part muscle memory in between James and Carr. And also if Richie Incognito is at left guard and Denzelle great is at best guard, familiarity will be crucial there as well for a re-tooled attack line.

Nevin Lawson, CB

Lawson will certainly be earlier with the Raiders.

What the means: Lawson, a fourth-round choose of the Lions in 2014, still has a possibility to gain his an initial career interception in Silver and also Black. Yes, it"s true. Lawson has an ext career sacks (2) 보다 picks (0). Lawson, who has actually served NFL mandated suspensions to begin each that his two periods with the Raiders, has actually started 14 of the 25 games in which he has played and also figures to it is in in line because that the slot cornerback role.

What"s the risk: Sure, Lawson returning suggests continuity, but are the Raiders getting far better on defense by merely bringing ago so countless of last year"s players? Lawson is active, though, as confirmed by his sack, 4 passes defensed, compelled fumble and also fumble recovery last season. The Raiders still need to include a veteran visibility in the secondary.

Matt Dickerson, defensive tackle

What it means: Depth on a rebuilded interior defensive line. Look, Dickerson isn"t comes to success a starting job end Johnathan Hankins or Maurice Hurst or, well, any type of of the other protective tackles the Raiders have signed in cost-free agency, it is in it Quinton Jefferson or Solomon Thomas. He has yet come start any type of of the 18 games in which he"s played due to the fact that signing through the Titans as an undrafted rookie in 2018, or record a regular-season sack. Yet at 6-foot-5, 292 pounds, he deserve to rotate in and also potentially be an ext productive in new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley"s scheme.

What"s the risk: None, really. Not if Dickerson is being lugged in just for depth and a situational role. The risk, then, is if Dickerson is count on come be much more than that, offered his relative lack of experience. Sure, he did bag Baltimore"s Lamar Jackson in a playoff ns in January, yet he has actually just 2 QB hits in those 18 career continuous season games, v 10 of his job 15 tackles comes in 10 games last season.

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Darius Philon, defensive tackle

What that means: an ext depth on the protective line native a player who is extremely active ... As soon as he"s on the field. Philon, a six-round draft choose of the Chargers in 2015, had actually 9½ sacks native 2016-18. It garnered the a two-year, $10 million contract with the Cardinals in 2019, despite he never ever suited up because that Arizona. If Philon is sound, mentally, physical and, yes, legally, he deserve to collapse a pocket and create destruction on the interior. And the Raiders desperately need that in Gus Bradley’s defense.

What"s the risk: Well, Philon last played an NFL video game in ... 2018. That’s due to the fact that before he had a chance to pat in a continuous season video game for Arizona, Philon was arrested on suspicion of aggravated attack with a deadly tool in the preseason. The Cardinals then released him. Go we cite he has not play in the NFL due to the fact that ... 2018?

Willie Snead IV, large receiver

Willie Snead gives the Raiders, and Derek Carr, a steady veteran presence who have the right to play exterior or in the slot.Rich Barnes/USA this day SportsWhat that means: Jon Gruden cannot have sufficient playthings on offense, because that one. Because that another, the Raiders WR corps currently looks favor this -- Henry Ruggs III, john Brown, Hunter Renfrow, Bryan Edwards, Zay Jones and also Snead. In Snead, the Raiders are getting a seven-year vet who has averaged 12.3 yards every catch, has actually never had actually a 1,000-yard receiving season and also has 16 career TD catches. Snead, along with Brown, brings a certain veteran visibility that left v Nelson Agholor walk to brand-new England. He also brings a toughness in the slot and also enough versatility to play on the outside. It"s been five years, but what Raiders fan can forget Snead torching the Raiders because that 172 yards on ripe catches and also a TD in that memorable 2016 opener?

What"s the risk: deserve to Snead play totally free safety? i kid. Kinda. But after sheet rusher, a veteran totally free safety/corner is the biggest need ~ above the Raiders roster and Las Vegas has not excellent anything about getting someone to coach up the likes of Johnathan Abram, Trayvon Mullen and Damon Arnette. And also while the present Raiders wideouts might not strike are afraid in the mind of any type of AFC West secondaries, Snead could have fun versus the current Raiders DBs. Hey, at the very least with every passing work Richard Sherman"s price tag go down, right?