Samsung Galaxy note 5 – Software

Samsung’s technique to Android has actually never to be universally loved. Yet it feels favor it’s ultimately taking a step in the right direction and also has started cutting the quantity of bloatware it tons onto smartphones.

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With the note 5, you’re gaining Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI overlaid on top. V Samsung’s track record of getting brand-new Android updates rolled out, i wouldn’t organize my breath the Android Marshmallow will arrive top top the note 5 prior to the end of 2015.

As the stands though, the keep in mind 5 complies with in the footsteps of Samsung’s various other flagships. Take that bloatware instance for instance. Aside from the generally an extremely polished indigenous apps Galaxy Life (Think Xperia Lounge ~ above Sony phones) and the Galaxy application store space the only Samsung apps that make their method onto the keep in mind 5. Generally, the note 5 does a good job the packing points in folders like tools and Google apps. Microsoft’s suite apps consisting of Word, OneDrive and Skype are likewise organised maintaining the application drawer clutter-free.

Outside the the app drawer, you carry out still have the Flipboard assistance by swiping every the way right. Samsung plainly can’t resist at least having actually on home display screen widget in the effort to entice you into the Galaxy realms, however it’s a bin dumping away. As well as that, there’s the shortcuts to the main point S Pen functions as well. Again, you can dump that together well. As well as that, there’s not really lot new. The app icons have a curvier look and all the same settings and choices are mainly in tow.

Aside from that, there’s nothing really the end of the ordinary. Google now is still caused from the house button and the an alert tray combine the best elements of Samsung’s very own TouchWiz UI and also Android Lollipop. You still gain the multitasking feature that was current on the keep in mind 4 and also there’s some settings that simplify the UI. I have to confess ns am a large fan of the new background themes together well, specifically the room one. However that’s not a feature that’s distinctive to the note 5.


Samsung Galaxy note 5 – S Pen software and apps

As for the S Pen, it doesn’t feel prefer a radically different writing endure than it to be on the keep in mind 4. Samsung claims the Wacom-powered S Pen is an ext accurate and offers improved an answer but that’s not something ns noticed. The still built for small note-taking and also making annotations, not writing complete blown posts or diary entries – largely because there’s not sufficient room come make the comfortable to do.

There’s some alters in the UI and the functions department though that have to come as welcome additions for S Pen users. Once you pop the S Pen out of that compartment and also press under on the S Pen’s solitary button just above the screen, you will do it activate the new Air Command. This is a redesigned food selection system, that groups together optimized keep in mind features. This include action memo, clever select, display screen write and also a contempt redesigned S Note. There’s likewise a couple of settings tucked far in the bottom corner that let you add a floating icon that sits permanently on the screen, but I found it a nuisance more than anything.


Another new feature is the ability to take notes top top the display screen when that turned off. Unfortunately, i didn’t have any luck gaining it to work. It has to be set off in the S Pen section in the key phone settings, however despite many attempts, it just didn’t happen.

Other useful additions include the capacity to write, edit and also annotate PDF files. Acquisition screenshots has actually improved also letting you record the whole page of an email instead of the section at this time in view.

While changes are no wholesale, I’m sure S Pen fans will appreciate the changes and also the note 5 remains the phone call to usage if you desire to break far from typing through your fingers.


Note 5 – Performance

If yes one point you don’t need to worry around it’s the note 5’s overall performance. Samsung employs the very same custom-built Exynos 7420 octa-core processor through the brand-new 14nm manufacturing procedure to enhance efficiency. There’s also a 4GB RAM, i m sorry is 1GB an ext than the S6 and the S6 sheet is packing. Bottom line, the note runs slick, speedy and also I didn’t encounter any type of issues utilizing it.

From swiping through homescreens, launching apps and much more intensive jobs like gaming, it’s increase there through the best. The extra 1GB the RAM additionally helps on the multitasking front.

On the graphic front, the note 5 packs a Mali-T760 MP8 GPU. Running our go-to game Real gyeongju 3, it handle the graphically demanding title with ease. Yes sir no lag or framerate issues, just like the rest of the Samsung flagship family.

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The benchmark scores earlier up the superior performance placing it on par v the S6, S6 Edge and Edge Plus, which you deserve to see below. In the Geekbench 3 multi-core score it’s ~ above parity v the S6 Edge to add (5,014). It likewise scores an outstanding 6,3485 in AnTuTu’s Benchmark v5.7.1 test.