This Galaxy Note5 instead of battery is what you require to bring your dead phone earlier to life!

Battery deterioration is an inevitable part of her Samsung phone"s expectation — extend it through this new replacement battery compatible v Galaxy Note5. If her phone won’t rotate on, won’t organize a charge, or you just experience bad battery life, this instead of battery may be what you need to fix it.

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brand-new Galaxy Note5 replacement BatteryGalaxy Note5 rear Cover Adhesive Alcohol Pad4 mm Precision Bits:Phillips #00Torx T3Torx T5
For optimal performance, calibrate your newly mounted battery: fee it come 100% and keep charging it because that at least 2 an ext hours. Then use your maker until it shuts off due to low battery. Finally, fee it uninterrupted to 100%."}">

This Galaxy Note5 replacement battery is what you require to carry your dead phone ago to life!

Battery destruction is an inevitable component of your Samsung phone"s lifespan — expand it v this brand-new replacement battery compatible with Galaxy Note5. If her phone won’t revolve on, won’t host a charge, or you simply experience negative battery life, this replacement battery might be what you must fix it.

For optimal performance, calibrate her newly mounted battery: fee it come 100% and also keep charging it for at least 2 an ext hours. Then use your an equipment until it turn off off as result of low battery. Finally, fee it uninterrupted to 100%."}">
Samsung Galaxy note 5
at & t (N920A)
Global (N920F)
Sprint (N920P)
T-Mobile (N920T)
Verizon (N920V)


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October 14","created_date":1634230567,"modified_date":1634230630,"langid":"en","author":"userid":2977576,"name":"Justin Miller","avatar":"","url":"","canEdit":false},"reviewid":26467,"rating":4,"headline":"Mostly works for Note5","productName":"Galaxy Note5 Battery","productVariantName":"New / deal with Kit","body":"The iOpener just doesnt acquire hot sufficient to melt seal on Note5. The plastic picks were too flimsy to pull out battery. Most likely an concern with note5 gluing whatever together, i beg your pardon is whereby i location most of my disappointment. This kit greatly works though.","date":"April 5","created_date":1617633722,"modified_date":1617633878,"langid":"en","author":"userid":3888977,"name":"Jordan Weber","avatar":"","url":"","canEdit":false,"reviewid":20527,"rating":4,"headline":"Skip the iOpener","productName":"Galaxy Note5 Battery","productVariantName":"New / solve Kit","body":"Great tiny kit, wish i hadn't bothered with the iOpener. Perhaps my phone to be stuck close up door harder than average, yet it got nowhere near hot sufficient to budge my ago cover. Switched come a warm gun after an hour the frustration, which obtained it come move very quickly. I provided a second suction cup on the front for this reason I could pull in both directions, but again the may simply be me.","date":"10/27/2020","created_date":1603794418,"modified_date":1603794897,"langid":"en","author":"userid":3705232,"name":"Brandon Widner","avatar":"","url":"","canEdit":false,"reviewid":17360,"rating":5,"headline":"Very nice, finish repair kit!","productName":"Galaxy Note5 Battery","productVariantName":"New / settle Kit","body":"Very nice the this to be a finish kit. I just ran into one concern removing the midframe that led to a visual imperfection at the height left of the screen. No sure how that might have been avoided.","date":"08/04/2020","created_date":1596565481,"modified_date":1596565817,"langid":"en","author":"userid":772724,"name":"pkametz","avatar":"","url":"","canEdit":false,"reviewid":15651,"rating":5,"headline":"Went well! No problem!. Great kit!","productName":"Galaxy Note5 Battery","productVariantName":"New / fix Kit","body":"My bad battery in my note 5 to be swelling and getting to it is in a bit scary.. As well as not holding a charge very well. I had heard the ~ above the Web and also decided to take a opportunity on act a battery replacement using your kit because that my phone. The kit noted all the devices I needed for the repair and also for any further job-related that I might want to v my phone. It settled perfectly! that took part time and also care therefore as not to cracked either the glass ago or the prior screen however I regulated to gain through the process with no damage. Also, I regulated to remove the old, swollen battery without having actually it burst into flames. Always a bonus. Thanks for offering a product that does what the advertises to do.","date":"05/21/2020","created_date":1590098507,"modified_date":1590098871,"langid":"en","author":"userid":3492589,"name":"Al Krever","avatar":"","url":"","canEdit":false,"reviewid":12924,"rating":4,"headline":"buy a brand-new screen if you're doing what i am.","productName":"Galaxy Note5 Battery","productVariantName":"New / deal with Kit","body":"Well, that remains to be seen. I'm replacing the fee port and the battery. I gained the ago off no problem and also the aluminum center plate come off reasonably easily. Mine trouble began with separating the display from the middle plastic tray. I wasn't as cautious as ns should have been. The glue to be super strong and i finished up destroying the screen. -_- yay...$180 more to go. Yet i'll tell friend one thing, i'd rather have actually my old phone functioning for $2-300 rather than be on the hook because that a $700-1000 device that no longer offers a 3.5mm jack.","date":"04/01/2020","created_date":1585783491,"modified_date":1585784508,"langid":"en","author":"userid":3403532,"name":"Collin T","avatar":"","url":"","canEdit":false,"reviewid":12439,"rating":5,"headline":"Take her time and also you will certainly be rewarded","productName":"Galaxy Note5 Battery","productVariantName":"New / solve Kit","body":"This to be my very first repair the a phone that did not have actually a removable battery door. Every little thing worked good and i did no crack the earlier of mine phone; the point that assisted prevent that was come keep applying the iOpener and an eye dropper to weaken the adhesive with isopropyl alcohol. Ns am happy through this kit and recommend it because that replacing a dead or dying battery in a keep in mind 5.","date":"03/18/2020","created_date":1584583952,"modified_date":1584584019,"langid":"en","author":"userid":3399534,"name":"spslizer","avatar":"","url":"","canEdit":false,"reviewid":9190,"rating":4,"headline":"Super easy except suction cup "sucks" (ha ha)","productName":"Galaxy Note5 Battery","productVariantName":"New / resolve Kit","body":"Everything was great except the suction cup! Don't know if my phone was simply a bit tricky or the suction cup was kinda flimsy (videos digital showed world using much more industrial-style suction cups from hardware stores). Was able to release most of the earlier cover but not the edge/lip we needed without a small damage to the ago (don't care around it, phone stays in a case). After that it took less than 15 mins to replace the battery. In its entirety great first experience, will certainly be back here following time miscellaneous elecronic craps out on us.","date":"11/16/2019","created_date":1573928440,"modified_date":1573928617,"langid":"en","author":"userid":3262276,"name":"Melissa Hinshaw","avatar":"","url":"","canEdit":false,"reviewid":4046,"rating":4,"headline":"Great company, hope the issue gets resolved","productName":"Galaxy Note5 Battery","productVariantName":"New / fix Kit","body":"Not certain if I got a defective battery. Or if I obtained a hardware issue on mine hands. However the instead of battery ribbon cable did no click right into place. Took it come a local repair and am however to acquire a status update.","date":"08/23/2019","created_date":1566581775,"modified_date":1572039108,"langid":"en","author":"userid":3010561,"name":"Gabriel","avatar":"","url":"","canEdit":false,"reviewid":2299,"rating":5,"headline":"","productName":"Galaxy Note5 Battery","productVariantName":"New / settle Kit","body":"The repair kit is an extremely well packaged and also complete. The indict and challenge assessment accurate. Remove the rear cover required a most patience and reheating. Eventually it lifted enough on one of the sides to get it started. The battery to be secured by glue follow me the next closest come the edge and took some initiative to remove. Clean increase was rather tedious, the adhesive largely did not come off in a strip. Word of caution, there is a connector next to the battery connector, it can be dislodged fairly easily, imply checking it because that security once installing the instead of battery connector. Remainder of the assembly was smooth, rear cover adhesive was well cut. Overall wonderful kit but pay fist to the an obstacle level, i am offered to working with micro electronics and very tiny components. Wonderful job by the team.","date":"05/20/2019","created_date":1558396961,"modified_date":1572038761,"langid":"en","author":"userid":3082234,"name":"Edward Gent","avatar":"","url":"","canEdit":false,"reviewid":25373,"rating":5,"headline":"","productName":"Galaxy Note5 Battery","productVariantName":"New / deal with Kit","body":null,"date":"March 10","created_date":1615442907,"modified_date":1615442907,"langid":null,"author":"userid":3871129,"name":"Antonio Delgado","avatar":"","url":"","canEdit":false,"reviewid":18395,"rating":5,"headline":"","productName":"Galaxy Note5 Battery","productVariantName":"New / component Only","body":null,"date":"08/26/2020","created_date":1598495963,"modified_date":1598495963,"langid":null,"author":"userid":3359452,"name":"Ronnie Hine","avatar":"","url":"","canEdit":false,"reviewid":11261,"rating":5,"headline":"","productName":"Galaxy Note5 Battery","productVariantName":"New / fix Kit","body":null,"date":"02/03/2020","created_date":1580728752,"modified_date":1580728752,"langid":null,"author":"userid":3298216,"name":"Josiah Leuck","avatar":"","url":"","canEdit":false,"reviewid":3253,"rating":5,"headline":"","productName":"Galaxy Note5 Battery","productVariantName":"New / part Only","body":null,"date":"07/14/2019","created_date":1563133798,"modified_date":1563133798,"langid":null,"author":"userid":3079355,"name":"Mister HD","avatar":"","url":"","canEdit":false>,"count":14,"average":4.4,"groupedReviews":"1":1,"2":0,"3":0,"4":5,"5":8},"itemcode":"IF321-017-4"}">