lord of the Rings: Why Éowyn had the ability to Kill The Witch-king In The mr of the Rings: The Return that the King, Éowyn takes under the Witch-king of Angmar, but there"s an ext to this feat than being a woman.

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Miranda otto as Eowyn in mr of the Rings
Éowyn succeeded in defeating the Witch-king the Angmar in The mr of the Rings: The Return that the King, yet the movie pipeline out some necessary details around how she did it. Played by Miranda Otto, Éowyn is introduced in The two Towers together a citizens of Rohan and the niece of King Theoden. With sexism even much more popular 보다 facial hair in Middle-earth, the battlefield is deemed no location for a woman, but Éowyn harbors a burn desire to defend her homeland versus the oncoming pressures of Sauron fairly than taking shelter and also waiting idly by. Along with Merry, currently separated indigenous the rest of the Fellowship and also his Hobbit pals, Éowyn disguises herself and secretly joins the fight of the Pelennor Fields external of Minas Tirith.

Fighting bravely under the surname Dernhelm, Éowyn proves herself a more-than qualified warrior, and also remains steadfast when faced with the Witch-king the Angmar, most an effective of the Ringwraiths. As developed in The Fellowship the the Ring, this servants that Sauron are inherently an overwhelming to death by conventional means, but Éowyn confronts the Witch-king v a humble sword and also wooden shield. In one of The Return that the King"s most famous scenes, the Witch-king arrogantly proclaims the no man have the right to kill him, to which Éowyn replies with her iconic "I am no man!" line and promptly slays him. Jackson"s movie theatre up Éowyn"s femininity together the cause of her victory, yet there"s much much more going ~ above here.

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Strangely enough, the Witch-king"s deadly weakness isn"t two X chromosomes. The fatality of the Witch-king is actually much more a team effort between Éowyn and also Merry. In the film, Éowyn is being hosted by the dark villain, yet is released when her hairy-footed friend sneaks increase behind the Witch-king and stabs that in the leg. The tongue glows brightly and is climate destroyed, as all weapons space when offered on the Nazgûl. But an simple sword shouldn"t bring the Witch-king come his knees.

Although altered in the movies, Merry"s sword in the publications is far from ordinary. The hobbit carries an old Barrow-blade the was do by males when Middle-earth to be locked in war against Sauron"s forces in ~ Angbad. The weapon is fairly literally draft to it is in used versus dark magic, and was provided to merry by the mysterious Tom Bombadil, who isn"t consisted of in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. When Merry cuts the Witch-king, his punch is "breaking the spell the knit unseen sinews come his will," which might be interpreted as opened the villain up to Éowyn"s finishing strike directly through the hood. Because Merry receives his sword from Aragorn instead of Bombadil in the movie adaptation, its significance is lost. Moreover, the weapon funny is given in the first film isn"t reverted after he and Pippin are recorded by orcs. The tongue he wields in ~ the battle of the Pelennor areas in Jackson"s trilogy is a replacement, yet still has actually the same magical effect, creating somewhat that a plot hole.

The Witch-king"s boast that no man deserve to kill him comes from the elf Glorfindel, who foretold "not by the hand of man shall the fall." However, this line to be always more of a symbolic prophecy than literal confirmation that men physically couldn"t slay the Witch-king. Éowyn and also Merry"s success fulfilled Glorfindel"s prediction, but their sex and species weren"t the deciding components in bringing down the Ringwraith, it to be a distinctive alignment that fated circumstances, which together Glorfindel predicted, didn"t involve a man.

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Some might argue that Merry"s function in the Witch-king"s death dilutes the feminist message The lord of the Rings sends with Éowyn"s large moment, yet all points considered, the full story makes Éowyn"s arc even more powerful. Fairly than being may be to loss the Witch-king simply due to the fact that she"s a woman, anyone top top the battlefield might have felled the adversary under the appropriate circumstances, but it was Éowyn whose courage and strength held out, making she victory all the much more glorious.