Wrestling star Nia Jax newly opened up with a message promoting self-confidence, posting a rare picture of herself in a swimsuit to celebrate her body.

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WWE star Nia Jax confirmed her vulnerable side through posting a photo of herself wearing just a bathing suit to Instagram.

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While countless celebrities frequently article selfies of us in swimsuits, it to be a big step for Jax, who opened up to her 400,000 Instagram followers around her own insecurities, in wishes that her article would assist spread her body positive message.


WWE star Nia Jax ~ above why she loves her butt: 'It's what provides me, me'

Sept. 13, 201804:25
“Posting a photo of myself in a bathing suit is very hard for me,” Jax wrote in the inscription of the photo, which shows her in a black, one-piece swimsuit. “I have never to be one to display off too much skin, and also it’s not just due to the fact that I’m a bigger woman.”

The 6-foot-tall wrestler, that is recognized to usually wear a full bodysuit when wrestling, told her fans the she was inspired to post the revealing selfie after she met up v fans during festivities for WrestleMania 33.

“Most, if not every one of them, discussed that my #BodyPositive perspective had assisted them to have the ability to find confidence in ~ themselves, which really touched me and also even lugged me come tears numerous times,” wrote Jax.

The wrestler (whose real name is Savelina Fanene) called fans that she has learned to evaluate her body and the physical features she has that have set her personally from other people.

“Don"t acquire me wrong, there have actually been plenty of occasions where I wished I might be diluent or have a various nose or hairline come fit in, yet I realized that fitting in is not constantly as essential as it seems,” Jax wrote. “I establish that ns love standing the end in hopeful ways! i love sending a article of self-confidence and getting come share that through people.”

The 32-year-old former bodybuilder credited her mother and the rest of her household (which includes her cousin, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) for sustaining her and also reminding her that beauty originates from within.

“Self-confidence likewise goes together with being healthy!” Jax added. “I work-related out every the time, ns eat healthy & shot (emphasis ~ above TRY) to acquire as lot sleep as I can. There room obviously times whereby I love to pig out and enjoy myself, yet I constantly make sure to never lose my focus on being healthy, due to the fact that no matter what, your health is the number one most essential thing in life. We aren"t intended to watch the same, however we room all expected to be healthy.”

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“You room beautiful inside and also out,” one fan composed in the comment section of the photo. “Thanks because that being a positive duty model for everyone struggling.”

“You space gorgeous and an ideas to me Nia!” an additional wrote. “Thank you because that being your dominating an effective self.”

Nia Jax, displayed here during a WWE occasion in February, usually wrestles in complete bodysuits instead of the more-revealing costumes wanted by some other female wrestlers.Bongarts/Getty Images

This is no the an initial time Jax has talked out around wanting to it is in a role model because that curvy women. Before becoming a agree wrestler, Jax operated as a plus-sized model, which provided her the possibility to inspire other girls.

"Being my dimension is miscellaneous I"ve had to address my entirety life,” she called The Miami Herald in 2016. “I"ve constantly been the big girl. I"ve constantly had curves, and I never can relate to any of the girls favor the Victoria an enig models. When I realized, as soon as I came to be a plus-size model, that there were an ext women choose me, my confidence instantly shot with the roof.”