On to the StoryKonoha, the strongest town known at the element Nations. A town ruled by the Hokage. It gave a lot of of an effective shinobis due to the fact that its founding. From all of its Kages, The Sannins and many more.Now a clan, not simply an plain clan, however the Uzumaki Clan. A clan from Uzushiogakure, a village destroyed after the second Shinobi Wars, with nearly only fifty percent of its population left. Castle left Konoha, because that a reason just they know and abandoned a child, not simply an ordinary child. However a child that is there own flesh and blood. A boy that is intend to be the succession of the clan. The clan head, Kushina Uzumaki, mommy of Naruto Namikaze has actually returned and also a lot of human being is no liking it to much. This consists of the Hokage."It is good to check out you again Hokage-sama." The Uzumaki clan head claimed with a bow."It's an excellent to watch you to Uzumaki-san" Hiruzen stated coldly and not looking in ~ Kushina.Kushina was shock come this. She constantly got a smile from Hiruzen since she was a child yet now she can need a jacket, due to the fact that the coldness that The Hokage's method to speak come her."The Uzumaki and Nohara clans are here for the chunnin exam. We require the keys for our old compound." Kushina said to the Hokage who only smirked."The keys to your compound space not v me by the moment.""Why is that?" Kushina asked."The crucial to the link is with the Namikaze Clan Heir." Hiruzen said."I don't seem come remember one of my daughter's to have actually the key." Kushina claimed dumbly."None of her daughters is a Namikaze, also you space not a part Namikaze of the clan.""What space you talking about, I'm the wife of Minato Namikaze?" Kushina nearly yelled."No you, kicked Naruto from the Uzumaki clan, however not the Namikaze. Due to the fact that of the you are no longer component of the Namikaze clan. Due to the fact that you kicked Naruto out of the Uzumaki clan. He is now the clan head the the Namikaze clan and also will it is in a put in CRA."

At Wave CountryIzumi Uchiha, the 'Mistress of Sharingan' and Oka Uchiha, the 'Princess that Time and also Space' are both battling versus the Demoness that the Mist Suzuka Momochi. The 2 Uchiha's can't fight with there full capabilities, because of the Genins and also their customer Tarzuna. The 2 of them room both panting and wounded together they save on protecting Tarzuna and their Genins."I guess: v the Sharingan Mistress and also the Princess of Time and space are simply all talk." Suzuka stated with a smirk. As she formed a hand sign and also yelled. "Hidden Mist Jutsu!"As the mist starts come cover the whole area. "Oh my! several killing points because that me come hit. Where to start?" She giggled together she began killing.

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Earlier(With Naruto)Naruto and Kasumi are on a watercraft to tide country. Naruto is the one rowing the boat, while Kasumi is still silent."You're quiet the totality trip Sensei-chan. Is there a problem?" Naruto asked his masked sensei."You should know why." Kasumi crossed her arms and huffed."Are friend mad in ~ me?" Naruto asked as Kasumi huffed again."Is it since I arrived late at the fight v Doto?" Kasumi didn't answered nor looked at Naruto."Please tell me why you're mad at me." Naruto pleaded together he avoid rowing the boat and got closer come Kasumi. "I don't choose seeing girlfriend angry, especially at me." Naruto said as the caressed her masked cheek. Kasumi tho didn't answered. Naruto just smirked as a thought came to mind."Kasumi-chan if friend don't phone call me why you're mad at me, I'm gonna tickle you." Naruto threatened his sensei."You wouldn't." Kasumi stated as she looked at him."Oh i would." as he claimed that Kasumi it s okay tickled."N-no N-haha-naruto st-haha-top I'll speak haha, ju-haha-ust stop." Kasumi tried come say as she was tickled.Naruto stopped and also said "OK talk.""I'm mad the you didn't said me about your powers before. Favor that Saiyan strength you used or that Doujutsu friend used." 'And that you let that Actress kiss you.' she added mentally."I'm sorry that ns didn't said you, look i promise come tell you whatever you want to recognize OK." Kasumi nodded as Naruto continued to row the boat.As lock were near the coast the mist seems to acquire thicker and thicker till they could not see. Moments later they heard a voice. "Oh my! numerous killing points for me to hit. Where to start?" The voice was sweet but still rather malicious."Naruto go Super Saiyan and flash your power so we could see." Kasumi ordered together Naruto powered up. The mist began to clean out. Naruto experienced from a far Oka, Izumi, Satsuki, Sakura and Sai against a woman(she looks like the picture above.) She should be Suzuka Momochi.The think of every female checked out Naruto together they saw him. That looked really different the critical time the Konoha nins saw him. Yet Sazuka is in a different place once she an initial saw him."The earlier up has arrive." Naruto said."Oh my, for this reason your ago up is a hunk. This might be fun." Suzuka claimed as she licked she lips. This angered all the Konoha kunoichis."Back of bitch, his mine." every one of the konoha kunoichi yelled."You must be Suzuka Momochi. I'm Naruto Namikaze, I'll be your adversary for the next minute." Naruto stated as he pulled out his bankai."Aren't girlfriend confident, daunting me in a Kenjutsu complement all alone. Therefore this complement will be a kenjutsu only match." Naruto nodded. "Then let us fight." as that claimed Suzuka swung her sword to Naruto together he clogged it. His knife Naruto offered his strength and also pushed Suzuka away. She gained surprised by this. Naruto vanished and appeared in prior of her and disarmed she away from he sword. Naruto obtained at her back and pointed the blade at her neck."Yield." Naruto said as Suzuka nodded."Now come through us and tell me wherein Gato's hideout is.""Yes Naruto-sama." Suzuka stated sounding a small bit sexual.

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End chapAgain sorry for another late update. I just finished a my examinations so I'm really sorry for updating this really late.