Nancy o’s

1261 third Ave | . 250-562-8066 . | open for dine in, patio dining, takeout & personal parties

11am-10pm monday, tuesday, thursday | 11am-11pm wednesday | 11am-12am friday | 10am-12am saturday | 10am-11pm sunday

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Great Food. 60+ Beers. Live Music & Comedy

1261 3rd ave. | 250-562-8066

now open up for at home & patio dining & private parties

for takeout call 250-562-8066

hours | 11am-10pm monday, tuesday, thursday | 11am-11pm wednesday | 11am-12am friday | 10am-12am saturday | 10am-11pm sunday

we space 19+ no minors at all times






Our goal is to create a ar where "the great life" have the right to unfold naturally. We room a little 60 seat adult-only restaurant that focuses on the highest quality food, exciting beers and also cocktails (60+ beers from approximately the world), and live entertainment, all in a relaxing environment where you deserve to be yourself and rub shoulders with 19 come 90 year olds, people on an initial dates and regulars, friends, and family.

We recently celebrated our 11 year anniversary of serving our community, and also these critical 11 years have been so lot wilder and an ext fulfilling than our wildest expectations. The friendships we made, the employee that came to be family, the civilization we lost, the celebrations we hosted, the regulars we’ve acquired to know, the reflects we’ve enjoyed…they’ve all made Nancy O’s so much more than a restaurant or bar.

A restaurant has a responsibility to be a safe refuge native the storm, a fabric of the ar where friends have the right to gather. This year has actually been challenging at times yet we have actually been certain overwhelmed by the support of ours community. Thank you for her patronage over the years!

- Nancy O

COVID-19 safety Protocols


We have imposed stringent toilet protocols come ensure thoroughly sanitation of dining surfaces and also high touch areas.

We room conducting daily health screening of all employees

We would prefer to give thanks to everyone for your support over the past few months, and the previous eleven years. We would certainly not be wherein we space today there is no the support of our customers. At this time, we are doing whatever we have the right to to placed the health and safety the both our guests and staff first. Please allow us extra time to carry out the most safe environment feasible for everyone!

15% off every takeout food orders. Speak to 250-562-8066 to ar an order.

Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu accessible 11am - 4pm everyday

Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu accessible 4pm - near daily

Brunch Menu

Brunch Menu easily accessible Saturday & Sunday 10am-2pm

Drink Menu


Gluten friendly Menu

Vegan Menu

Happy Hour

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Alternating Wednesday’s will be open up Mic Night and also Trivia Night

Wednesday September 22nd —— Trivia Night indigenous 8pm-11pm