The dominion is that you usage "I" if that forms component of the topic of the verb, but "me" if it"s the object or predicate.

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Thus it must be "Please sign up with my wife and me".

But the is exactly to say:

"My wife and I are going to the theatre tonight".

Using "I" as soon as it is the thing in this way, such together "He told mine wife and I that he to be an expert", is a very FREQUENT ERROR.


It is not suitable to say or compose "Please sign up with my wife and I". You have to use me, and it doesn"t matter which order. The straightforward rule of thumb for deciding even if it is to usage me or i is to take it the other human out the the sentence. Friend wouldn"t speak "Please join I", for this reason don"t say "Please sign up with my wife and I".


Objections to this use of I in thing position as soon as coordinated through a noun or an additional pronoun are constantly based on the idea that it’s me when it’s uncoordinated, so it must also be me once it’s coordinated. But, as the writer of ‘The Cambridge Grammar that the stayinfiji.com Language" write:

. . . Why must we simply assume the the grammatical rules for situation assignment can not differentiate between a coordinated and also a non-coordinated pronoun?

Their conclusion is that constructions such as the one in your instance are:

. . . Offered by countless highly educated people with social prestige in the community; that should thus be related to as a variant traditional stayinfiji.com form.


Of the three choices you presented, "my wife and me" is correct.

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I could use "my wife and myself" instead, though. Ns am unaware the a dominion especially mandating or forbidding this option though. The "y" in "myself" could fill any kind of sense of require for one i-sound.

In either case, you require the first-person singular thing pronoun: "me;" or, again; "myself."

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how to speak "My wife and I go something, climate our friends and also we walk something else" correctly?
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