so what have the right to i obtain out the there? ive got an elephant raid armor and an old two hand sword with raised 44dmg functioning on steel and hardened stole farming steel by the thousands so any type of tips are welcome :)


I love that there, really doomy and gloomy. Ns am playing a necromancer so the fits XD.

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But as mbxyz said, new Asgarth is far better for steel and also a little bit easier. The prey drops room a bit much better but still for steel runs Asgarth is the spot.

mob thickness is terrible. Autumn table is slightly greater quality 보다 NA (dismantles right into hardened leather). There space some notable unique thrall, but unless you're targeting something specific (like werk that the lost tribe or cimmerian berserkers which are largely antiquated garbage now), new asgaroth (and the surrounding camps/ward towers) is a far better farming clues both because that thrall and also steel. Grab the herbal tea recipe from mounds and also go to NA.

One point I like about farming in ~ the mounds is the Cimmerians fall Cimmerian armor i beg your pardon I'll pole on thralls since it's really great out the the box and also thralls don't care if it's got 33 trust left. Complimentary epics, basically.

Also if you gain on the an extremely top the a mound I've found the defenders can't acquire to you and also just come to be poison arrowhead bait.

Those glowing skeleton wights over there hit an extremely hard, I shot and pull them 1 in ~ a time. (What is elephant raid armor?)

He way the hyrkanian raider armor make from elephant hide. It's pretty good heavy armor until you acquire improved bench

It's just your next location to farm. Brand-new Asgarth offers a lot of steel, when the mounds of the Dead also provides a lot of Hardened Steel. Personally ns prefer brand-new Asgarth as it's a little prettier setting and not as difficult as the mounds.

The armor drops from mounds are the best bang because that buck in video game imo. Stole for her thralls, hair in the d bench.

Crimson lotus isn't come be underestimated either, although the does weigh bugger all so you can run a big load.

Access to star metal and black ice is closer then NA ns believe and the obelisk plus a map room or 4 spread about the map renders it rather convenient for me.

Wightwatch lookout netted me two t4 bearers and also a t4 alchemist together they're the only varieties that spawn there, easy to just examine in on, I'm based close to braga though, so just a quick trot.

Plenty an excellent material farming as well, resin and bark is straightforward enough.

Glass, crystal and steel additionally drop from lost tribe.

I've seen shed tribe (too easy) and also cimmerian beast tamers purges, the latter have the right to have mammoths and also dragons(just a tiny one for this reason far) but additionally gazelles(!?), so little bit random to say the least!

Shattered springs is nearby enough. Small runs for pelts and/or world boss mobs, yet they're mostly rotbranches, so tough ones!

You can use a sickle ~ above the wights for gossamer and also witch powder and there's a most chests roughly the haunted locations as well.

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Npc t4 spawns, except for the zerkers and delansia snowhunter, room pretty dismal in the main areas. Yet if you can gain a lovetap mace legendary, delansia have the right to literally knock the end t1 and t2 in a couple of hits at most. She's open minded a device at this!

I love the there. Made a vast 12 face wheelhouse/tower, regulated to get all the temples, map room and also pet pen in it. I imagine it would be a disputed place on any kind of PvP server though. I'm top top a private chill one, thus all eggs in one 12 face basket.