MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – Miss universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach officially started her reign on Monday, January 4, showing up on ABC"s Good Morning America two weeks after ~ she was crowned in las Vegas.

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Pia claimed she still finds her historic triumph surreal, yet added, "I"m therefore happy. I"m so excited, ns can"t wait to start my reign." 

She stated she gained in touch with miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez, who was incorrectly crowned ~ above December 20 since of organize Steve Harvey"s mix up. Pia stated Ariadna seemed to be doing well as soon as she greeted she on her date of birth on December 25.

"I understand just how she feels, I"m also concerned her. And also I understand that she"s a beautiful young lady, really talented, and I think that she"ll have actually a many other opportunities. She"ll do very well I"m sure," Pia said.

"I know what lock feel, due to the fact that of food they want their bet to win. For this reason that"s fully understandable. If that the other way around, I"m certain the Filipinos would additionally feel a tiny bit disappointed through the results," she added.

Pia dismissed a ide made by us presidential candidate Donald Trump that she and also Ariadna have the right to share the crown. 

"I think it would be a tiny bit challenging for 2 girls come share a crown. Yet I have actually high wishes this will give good opportunities for me and Miss Colombia, and also the remainder of the candidates," she said.

She included she would love to it is in the following Bond girl however she will have actually to emphasis on her duties as miss out on Universe. 

Aside from elevating awareness ~ above HIV/AIDS as she vowed during the question and also answer section of the pagent, Pia claimed she likewise wants come raise awareness around relief operations for calamity-stricken areas and also cyberbullying.

As because that wearing the crown, Pia quipped: "It"s a small bit heavy, I"m no complaining. It can stay there because that a lengthy time."

Pia"s triumph ended a 42-year dryness for the Philippines in the prestigious pageant. She is the 3rd Miss universe from the Philippines.

Here space some photos and behind the scenes from Pia"s visit to the show, wherein she was interviewed by Lara Spencer.

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Pia additionally guested ~ above LIVE through Kelly and Michael, whereby she met gibbs Samuel Jackson and also The Bachelor"s Ben Higgins. She was likewise given the opportunity do the miss Universe walk on the show.

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Other appearances incorporate Inside Edition, wherein she confirmed her new York apartment, Extra, Access Hollywood, where she met actress Eva Longoria, Nightline, and entertain Tonight.

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