Miranda Lambert angry Music video premiered in September 7, 2016. Together if we didn’t love Miranda Lambert‘s Vice song enough— there’s a visually arresting music video clip for “Vice” to enjoy as well! This track debuted in ~ #2 top top the Billboard Hot country songs chart.

The cinematic-moving video was shot in Lambert’s residence state of Texas in the little town that Smithville and also once again behind the camera to be Lambert’s go-to video director, Trey Fanjoy. While the music builds, a dolled-up Lambert emerges unscathed indigenous a totaled car— likely a metaphor for her recent personal drama. After collecting herself and putting on a slick pair the boots, she saunters her method into a sleepy small town…

Watch the gripping story unfold and see the written lyrics below!

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Miranda Lambert angry Music Video

We love the gritty and also slightly unsettling end to this music video. Goosebumps for sure…

photo: Sony Music Nashville
 “Vice” is the first single from the talented Texan’s forthcoming 6th studio album and first release since her divorce native Blake Shelton in July 2015. “Vice” was created by Miranda Lambert, mockery Osborne and Shane McAnally v the lyrics and secondary photo had below.

Miranda Lambert vice Lyrics

Sting that the needle dropping on a vinylNeon singer through a jukebox title complete of heartbreak33, 45, 78When it harms this great you gotta play the twiceAnother vice

All dressed up in a pretty black color labelSweet salvation top top a dining room tableWaiting top top meWhere the numb meets the lonely

It’s gone prior to it ever before melts the iceAnother vice

Another call, an additional bed ns shouldn’t crawl out ofAt 7 AM with shoes in my handSaid ns wouldn’t do it, however I did the againAnd I recognize I’ll be back tomorrow night, oh

I’ll stay a town like a animal leather jacketWhen the new wears off, ns don’t also pack itIf you require meI’ll be wherein my call don’t precede me

Maybe I’m addicted to goodbyesAnother vice

Another town, whereby my previous can’t operation me downAnother life, an additional call, an additional bed i shouldn’t crawl the end ofAt 7AM through shoes in mine handSaid i wouldn’t execute it, yet I did that againAnd I know I’ll be gone morning nightMmm, another vice

Standing at the sink no looking in the mirrorDon’t recognize where ns am or just how I gained hereWell the just thing that ns know just how to findIs another vice

Mmm an additional viceYes, an additional viceOoh, another viceAnother viceAnother viceAnother vice

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photo: YouTube

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