Miranda Kerr bring away a bite the end of Brooklyn in i can not forget daywear. Photographed by terry Richardson. Fashion Editor: Brana Wolf.

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Dress, $1,695, Donna Karan brand-new York. Neiman Marcus; 888-888-4757. Bracelet, Verdura. Necklace, Kenneth Jay Lane. Ring, Bulgari. Watch, Timex.

BEAUTY BAZAAR produce a "50s cat"s-eye v Maybelline new York line Stiletto ultimate Precision liquid Eyeliner in Blackest black ($7.25).

Whether evoking vampiness or innocent flirtation, these costume fit to a T.

Dress, $6,450, Bottega Veneta. 212-371-5511. Sunglasses, Agent Provocateur by Linda Farrow. Ring, Robin Katz Vintage Jewels. Necklace and bracelet (right), Janis through Janis Savitt. Orb charm bracelet, Lynn Ban. Coin charm bracelet, Verdura.

Belted dress, $5,800, Dior. 800-929-DIOR. Earrings, Verdura. Necklace, Tom Binns. Clutch, Ralph Lauren Collection. Pumps, Christian Louboutin.

BEAUTY BAZAAR Lift your roots with Pantene Pro-V Fine layout Lasting Volume Hairspray ($3.99).

Mint condition: action up your format with washes of pretty pastel.

Jacket, $3,930, skirt, $2,900, and also collar, $630, Louis Vuitton. 866-VUITTON. Ring, Lynn Ban. Pin, Kenneth Jay Lane. Watch, Timex. Pumps, Tabitha Simmons.

Jacket, $3,995, blouse, $650, bra, $295, skirt, $1,990, and shoes, $645, Marc Jacobs. 212-343-1490. Ring (right), Lynn Ban. Bangle (right), Cartier. Bracelet (left), Janis by Janis Savitt. Bag, Prada.

Hair: Duffy because that Sebastian Professional; Makeup: open minded B; Manicure: Alicia Torello; Production and location scouting: william Carducci for metropolitan NYC.

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