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Little Women: Atlanta star Ashley “Minnie” Ross is in some legal hot water.

Ashley “Minnie” Ross, 34, is now dealing with criminal charges following a DUI arrest in Chattanooga, Tennessee ~ above Thursday, June 13. 

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According come the misdemeanor complaint, about 3 to be cops discovered the reality starlet slumped end in the driver’s seat of an SUV. Once cops responded, they woke up Minnie and also immediately smelled booze on she breath.

Minnie admitted that she drank one beer and also was offered a collection of field sobriety tests — but she failed.

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She was asked to recite the alphabet from letter E and also stop in ~ the letter W — Minnie quit at Z. Climate she was instructed to count backward from 69 and also stop at 39 but she quit at 1.

Ashley “Minnie” Ross to be promptly arrested for DUI and taken to Hamilton ar Jail. She was later on released top top bond. 

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