Michelle Rodriguez opened up to Milla Jovovich (her 2002 Resident Evil co-star) for Interview magazine around her renowned flings with Zac Efron and also Cara Delevingne, motherhood, and also playing badass roles.

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Turns out, Michelle doesn’t are afraid getting old and thinks she’s too picky – about everything native film functions to lovers.

Michelle has played countless tough girl roles and also rarely shakes that photo (from Fast and the Furious to Blue Crush). So once it concerns her acting career and also having kids, Michelle said Milla,

I execute what i want, as soon as I want, exactly how I want, and because that that, it has actually taken me so lengthy to flourish into an adult person being. I wouldn’t want to sacrifice the last years that I have actually of being youthful in this business to have actually kids. I’m 36, Milla. It’s to be 15 years because I to be the command in my very own feature, in Girlfight. So i haven’t done what i came here to do. I’m just kind the fiddling around. I haven’t even been born yet. I’ve been part of really big things that space amazing, however I haven’t taken on that obligation yet. So i don’t desire to offer myself short by having a kid and also then regret no doing what I collection out to do.

A stringently elevation actor, Michelle doesn’t have actually an agent and perhaps that’s why no “actor” roles “come across table”, just the fear and action ones. She said,

You know what that is, Milla? I’m a picky tiny bitch. I dislike everything. I say no come everything. That’s mine problem. Perhaps I’ve been sitting here with this gift and also not utilizing it appropriately. Maybe I should be emerging shit from scratch. Since there’s a voice inside of me that i know world will said to; I just haven’t really had the possibility to let that flourish. To sit there and also explain to a male what it’s prefer to it is in a kick-ass woman is hard. I think there’re just a handful of directors the end there that obtain it—you married one. Probably if women favor you or me were behind the camera or composing these scripts, it’d it is in different.

As because that the sort of movie Michelle would certainly be interested in pursuing, she explained,

I’d love come see four girls who actually gain along in a movie that’s not about chasing some guy or marrying somebody. <laughs> Like, whereby the fuck is our Pulp Fiction? whereby is our Reservoir Dogs? Where’s the cool shit with the chicken kicking ass, having actually some fun? I’ve met some really stunner bitches in my life and also I’ve had actually lots of really exceptional friends; I desire to see that onscreen. Probably I’ll take part time off and just go write, because, posesthe it. What execute I need to lose?

Aside from her exhilaration career, Michelle made headlines for her flings with model Cara Delevingne (vacationing abroad and also having a Lakers video game date) and actor Zac Efron (also gallivanting abroad). But were they just “flings”?

Come on. Look in ~ me! I have absolutely nothing continual in mine life. Yet that’s wherein serendipity comes in and I love that. Someday I’m walk to need to sacrifice that to lug life right into the world. But the an ext I deserve to hold off on that, the more happiness I’ll be. It’s scary for me. I’m a lone wolf. I operation by myself on most things. I’ve gained lots the really good friends, but the assumed of being in a long-lasting relationship? Psh, ns couldn’t last an ext than six months v somebody, permit alone have actually a father figure roughly for a kid. I mean, if I could give a kid a father figure, that would be amazing.

What go she desire (one day)?

I simply want the unconditional love, the kind you acquire with a household member. You might get lucky enough to discover that unconditional love in a friend or a lover, but it’s really rare. For this reason if I ever have a kid, it’d be so the I can look in those eyes and also know that this son is a piece of me and also will love me the same way I love, however I think that’s selfish that me.

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Michelle’s recent movie, Furious 7, will certainly be released in theaters April 3, 2015.