well, michelle want to measure the elevation of she school"s flagpole she placed a mirror on the floor 48 feet native the flagpole climate walk backwards until she was able to see the top of the pole in the winter her eyes were 5 feet over the ground and also she to be 12 ft from the winter using comparable triangles discover the elevation of the flagpole come the nearest tenth that a foot find the geometric typical of castle pair the numbers. Its simple math

The correct answer is:

20 feet.

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48 ft would certainly be the measurement of the base of the appropriate triangle developed by the flagpole and the ground. We room trying to discover the height of the flagpole, which is the other leg of this ideal triangle.

The measurements we have actually for the second triangle are 5 and 12. Due to the fact that she is 12 feet away from the mirror, the basic of the triangle is 12. Her eye level is in ~ 5 feet, therefore this is the height of the triangle.

Since we recognize these triangles are similar, we can use proportions to settle this. 48 is come 12 (base is to base) as the unknown elevation is to 5 (height is to height):

48/12 = x/5

Cross multiply:

48*5 = 12*x

240 = 12x

Divide both political parties by 12:

240/12 = 12x/12

20 = x

The unknown height is 20 feet.

answered: NarutoBeast8049
Height that the flagpole = xdistance from flagpole come the mirror = 48 ftheight that Michele = 5 ftdistance indigenous Michele to the winter = 12 ftNow, set the proportion.x/48 = 5/1248 * x/48 = 5/12 * 48x = 240/12x = 20So, the height of the flagpole is 20 ft.HOPE THIS HELPS

answered: pops2545
Let the height of the flagpost be h. Then,h/48 = 5/12h = 20 feet.

answered: brialevy2283
Refer come the diagram below for the lay out of the place of the mirror, Michelle, and also the flagpole.Using similar triangle concept, to discover the height of the flagpole, we very first need to find out the scale aspect of the horizontal distance. We create this as ratioMirror come Michelle : winter to Flagpole 12ft : 48ft 1 : 4So the proportion of the elevation isMichelle : Flagpole 1 : 4 5ft : 20ft A

answered: webbjalia04
Using comparable triangles:12 : 5 = 48 : h12 h = 48 * 512 h = 240h = 240 : 12h =20.0 ft The height of the flagpole is 20.0 ft.
answered: Guest

2 x^2 -3x+p

sum of root = 3/2

let other root be x

3+ x = 3/2

x= 3/2 - 3 = -3/2

product of roots = p/2

3× -3/2 = p/2

-9 = p


answered: Guest

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Michele want to measure the elevation of her school’s flagpole. She put a mirror on the floor 48...

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