Flying solo. After making waves at the MTV video clip Music Awards, Megan Fox turned heads at the 2021 Met Gala in brand-new York City on Monday, September 13 — without friend Machine total Kelly.

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The 35-year-old actress was one of the plenty of stars rocking red in ~ the “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”-themed gala, wearing a long-sleeve gown with a high slit and also several cutouts draft by Dundas. Kelly, 31, meanwhile, had actually a 6 p.m. Concert at funding One City Parks structure SummerStage in NYC.

The couple’s day night in ~ The city Museum of art comes one night after castle walked the red carpet at the VMAs in Brooklyn. Throughout the evening, the rapper seemingly acquired into it through Conor McGregor before taking home the Moon human being for finest Alternative video for “My Ex’s best Friend.”

After photos surfaced that McGregor, 33, throw a punch — and a drink — ~ above the red carpet ~ above Sunday, September 12, a rep because that the ireland boxer refuse TMZ’s report that his client was upset that Kelly wouldn’t take a picture with him. McGregor climate downplayed the case during one interview with entertain Tonight.

“I nothing know. He proved up, and I don’t know. I don’t recognize the guy. Nothing taken place with me, I just fight real fighters, people that actually fight, you understand what ns mean?” he told the outlet. “I certainly don’t fight small vanilla boy rappers. Ns don’t also know the guy. I don’t know anything around him, other than that he’s v Megan Fox.”

The “Bloody Valentine” musician has yet to publicly talk about McGregor’s remarks. While he and also Travis Barker ended up close up door the show with a performance of their brand-new track “Papercuts,” Us Weekly specifically revealed the they previously left the stage previously in the evening after their instruments and props were set.

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“Machine gun Kelly buried himself in a grave together they were setup up to perform. He climate burst out of the dirt in his grave, ran turn off stage and also said something come Travis,” an eyewitness told Us. “He to be throwing elbows and seemed an extremely upset prior to running backstage. The crew came and also rolled off MGK’s grave and also Travis’ substantial drum off the stage.”

Despite any type of drama, Kelly ended his night ~ above a high note, going out to dinner v Fox, whom he’s to be dating because 2020. They to be joined by Barker, 45, and also Kourtney Kardashian.

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