The rapid AnswerAs "media" is a collective noun, you can treat it as singular or plural depending on the feeling of your sentence.

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If you"re unsure, play that safe and treat "media" as a plural. (This is also true for those following US convention, which motivates writers come treat collective nouns together singular.)
(This photo from Google"s Ngram Viewer reflects that "media are" is marginally much more popular 보다 "media is.")
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Media (Singular or Plural?)

The indigenous "media" is Latin plural of "medium." However, the does no follow that "media" is always treated together a many word in modern English.

Is "Media" Singular or Plural?

"Media" describes "those who message through television, radio, the printed push or the digital "press" (i.e., the internet)." As words "media" comes from the Latin plural of "medium," many your reader will intend you to treat "media" as a plural noun. However, its source is only component of the factor why "media" is normally treated together plural. In fact, "media" can likewise be treated together a singular noun. Writers have a selection because "media" is a cumulative noun (just prefer the words "team" and also "jury"). Example: The media are
present with vans, lorries, scooters, and also bicycles. (This sentence considers the media as number of entities.) The media is present. (This sentence considers the media as one entity.)The feeling of your sentence should recognize whether friend treat media as singular or plural. (Note: In American English, there is a leaning towards treating all collective nouns as singular. Brits have tendency to go with what sound most organic for them.)Read an ext about treating collective nouns together singular or plural.
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