fixed Effect: how to begin the lug Down the sky DLC In fixed Effect"s carry Down the sky DLC, Shepard must stop one asteroid prior to it crashes top top a human being planet. They must travel to Asteroid X57 to begin.

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The Mako looks end the person settlement from Asteroid X57 in massive Effect: lug Down the Sky
despite the an initial game in the Mass Effect trilogy is currently massive with plenty of different goals to store players occupied, it additionally includes one DLC mission called Bring down the Sky. Bring under the Sky to be the first DLC ever before released because that the original Mass Effect back in 2008. The video game had a 2nd DLC called Pinnacle Station, but the password corruption prevented this DLC native being had in the remastered Mass impact Legendary Edition. Players can still endure Bring under the Sky, however, and it is a an excellent way come get more resources, credits, and also XP front of the endgame. In Mass Effect: lug Down the Sky, Shepard have to prevent hijacked Asteroid X57 from perfect its collision course through the human nest Terra Nova.

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Players have actually the chance to begin Bring under the Sky in ~ any point during the key Mass Effect campaign. Though several of the scientists on the asteroid point out a time limit of about four hours, the mission walk not must be completed all in ~ once. Here"s how to start Bring down the Sky in Mass effect Legendary Edition.

How To begin The Bring down the sky DLC In Mass effect Legendary Edition

Three thrusters overview Asteroid X57 ~ above its collision food in fixed Effect: lug Down the Sky
come begin Mass Effect: bring Down the Sky, Shepard will need to leave the Citadel after becoming a Specter. Any time ~ this point, Asteroid X57 will be highlighted on the Galaxy Map. Start this DLC works much the exact same as various other planetary explorations, with Shepard and also their squad landing on Asteroid X57 via the Mako and unlocking missions and also Area Map markers as they explore.

Asteroid X57 is located in the Asgard device in the Exodus Cluster. Shepard have to land here to obtain the cutscene that starts the DLC. The main mission, X57: lug Down the Sky, unlocks ideal away. The other assignments won"t appear until Shepard does part exploring, speaks to the scientists, and starts disabling the three thrusters sending the Asteroid toward Terra Nova.

It is possible to leaving Asteroid X57 and return come the Normandy, or also travel to the Citadel, any time Shepard is outdoors, specifically while steering in the Mako. Castle can readjust their squad as often as lock want and also even leaving the Exodus Cluster entirely without penalty, regardless of NPC implications of a time limit. Over there are plenty of Grenades, especially around the batarian base, so players can additionally return come X57 come get an ext Grenades if completing and after they have actually completed Bring down the Sky.

It is crucial to keep in mind that it is not feasible to begin Mass Effect: lug Down the Sky after beginning Ilos: find the Conduit, together there is no time between that mission and the endgame. Some players favor to finish this quest before Feros or Virmire, while others conserve it until they have actually stolen the Normandy, before they fly to Ilos. Among the rewards because that completing the mission is likewise rare or beneficial gear corresponding to Shepard"s level. Because of this, it have the right to be valuable to wait to start Bring down the Sky till Shepard has actually reached level 30 (or level 50 in classic Mode) therefore they can acquire one the the most an important items in Mass Effect.

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Mass Effect: legend Edition is easily accessible for PC, playstations 4, playstation 5, Xbox One, and also Xbox series X/S.