There are only 16 main in the regular season, yet there room 52 mainly in a year to make your franchise better. Madden 17 released recently (check the end my review), and we"ve gained plenty of tips for all you would-be general managers play the title"s linked Franchise mode (CFM), from managing your roster properly to nailing the draft.

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Getting turn off on the ideal Foot


One of the main enhancements to franchise setting in Madden 17 is the large Decisions. Some of these selections you have to make are brand-new (like pass guys back from injury early) if some merely re-skins of those formerly available. One of the brand-new ones – setting expectations because that the season – hits you right off the bat.

It"s a lengthy season, and also who to know if your masterplan come the at sight Bowl will certainly be derailed by an injury to your QB. However, this big Decision asks you come predict just how the season will go. Carry out you wager you"ll gain seven wins? do the playoffs? acquire it right and you gain bonus XP at the end of the year. Gain it dorn and, relying on how bold her prediction is, you might be fired.

There is a way around this, if girlfriend so choose, and also that"s to rotate off the Coach Firing choice in the settings menu. This means you deserve to reap the rewards if friend actually do what you to speak you"re going come do, yet still not ultimately be hosted responsible if it all falls through. Type of like Jeff Fisher.

Player Management


Football"s all about putting players in location to succeed, and there room a few ways to execute this in CFM. An initial of all, re-organize her depth chart. Desire your third-down earlier to record the ball out of the backfield? then make sure you placed your best-catching ago in the 3DRB slot. I like my primary receiver to it is in on the left-hand next of the display screen (it"s an ext natural for me to check out that side of the field first for part reason), so i make certain that happens on the depth chart. And sometimes the video game simply it s okay the depth graph for your team wrong, so it"s precious a look to do sure everything is in order.

Beyond personal preferences here and also there, over there are likewise occasionally times as soon as you can obtain a much better OVR-rated player to it is in a starter in ~ a various position. Because that instance, on the Vikings, third/fourth corner Captain Munnerlyn has far better zone and also man coverage ratings than starting strong security Andrew Sendejo (on the default roster), and also is also comparable come Sendejo in other areas, therefore I placed Munnerlyn as my beginning SS.

EA sports itself has released this handy chart detailing the vital ratings that consist of a player"s OVR. You have the right to use this to eyeball not just which players might be viable for various positions. This year friend can edit all her players in franchise mode, so friend can always make all your players invincible, however whether you desire to connect in that kind of re-engineering is approximately you.

Finally, you should examine your team"s schemes (accessible in the my Coach menu). These are tied to your coach and also are collection whether you play in a 4-3 defense, power run offense, etc. They likewise reflect and influence your players. If you have a run-stopping LT scheme, however you"re beginning a zone-blocking LT, you might see a autumn in his all at once because he"s not a an excellent fit for the system your team is running. I"ve played approximately with these and didn"t find alters to my players" OVR even after switching approximately my schemes, but you should check just in case.

Formation Subs


A large plus because that this year"s CFM (and only in CFM) is the return of formation subs. These enable you come go v your playbook formations and collection which players you desire to it is in in all your shotgun formations, two-back sets, etc. Because that years you"d have to do all of this pre-play with the pat clock draining, however having a committed menu because that it in her CFM is method more handy. Comparable to setting up her depth chart, tinkering v the development subs allows you to get the best personnel on the field for the best moments, favor switching out a run-centric linebacker the end for a quick coverage specialist in nickel packages or switching the end a pass-catching TE because that a run-blocking handle in a jumbo set.

One difficulty with formation subs, however, is that they don"t constantly put the correct football player in the appropriate positions. For instance, an north backfield shotgun formation may trot out a TE and also a HB for her fourth and also fifth WR positions also if you have actually a sufficient variety of WRs on her roster. The means to gain a true fourth receiver in the development instead of a car is come make that WR a TE. To do this click the proper player map in the regulate Players display of CFM. Now when girlfriend go ago to the formation subs display the freshly made TE/former WR will certainly be selectable for the TE place in the north backfield shotgun formation.

You should have the ability to still pat that brand-new TE/former WR in his 4th receiver slot by picking him in the WR depth graph screen. A native of warning, however, I"ve come throughout some rosters you have the right to do this switcharoo with and also some I could not. No worries, however, together you"ll always be able come switch the WR ago to his original position thanks to the player editor. The CFM says you can only position adjust at the start of a brand-new season, but I"ve to be able to carry out it during the season simply fine.

Other reasons you may want come tinker with formation subs include resting particular players in specific situations (above and also beyond the coach Auto Subs sliders) and to try and struggle XP milestones and other goals. For instance, placing your rookie RB in at the goal heat to farm yard TDs would be a good way to help him gain Rookie that the Year and thus a jump up ~ above his breakthrough trait.

Weekly Gameplanning & XP


Gameplanning has actually been changed this year and is easier to acquire through. Whether you center or play through the drills you"ll acquire player stat bonuses as soon as the proper offensive and defensive formations you"ve trained (such as cover 2, deep pass) are called in a game.

The computer argues different gameplans each week relying on your opponent"s tendencies. However, ns think there"s a much better way to gain XP while still acquiring the on-field bonuses.

First off, click on either an attack or defensive gameplan. Native here pick a drill that corresponds to the location you want to strengthen (QB, WR, etc.). Pat the drill and also make sure you obtain a yellow medal for your initiatives – you can restart the drill once while you"re playing it come ensure this happens.

Each mainly you have the right to specifically choose the drill you"ve obtained a yellow medal in – skipping the computer"s gameplan tip – and sim the training outcomes to acquire the same high XP boost for the positions you"ve selected. Friend don"t need to replay the drill.

If friend can select offensive and also defensive gameplans that function plays you"ll most likely to run during a game no matter the opponent (cover 2, vertical passing routes, etc.) climate you"ll still obtain the in-game player bonuses, thus getting the ideal of both worlds.

Focus maintain is likewise an element of the weekly gameplanning, and this lets you select three players that get extr XP. You may want to placed those young players that have rapid or superstar breakthrough traits (viewable from the emphasis training player an option menu) in order to maximize their growth.

Age is vital here, together a Reddit user has demonstrated why spending XP ~ above player attributes and also traits is basically a waste because that players 26 and also over.

The exercise Squad

New this year is the exercise squad. This is a component of the roster wherein you deserve to stash eligible young football player (like those with quick or superstar development) that don"t count versus the roster cap. In Madden this players accrue XP, and also like real-life, they have the right to only be play if they"re signed come your active roster. 

Also choose in real-life, friend are cost-free to sign a player on one more team"s exercise squad with the cost-free agency menu. They"ll then go on your active roster. In Madden this poaching facet is one optional toggle in the settings menu, and if you decision to usage it it"s precious seeing who"s on your exercise squad and could be precious signing come bolster your depth. I"d additionally see that is on other teams" practice squads – friend can discover some 70+ OVR-rated football player whom might be precious grabbing.

Player Re-signing & totally free Agency


Players on your roster through expiring contracts re-sign throughout the constant season. The procedure is highlighted much more this year, v players interacting their details contract demands. Hear to them. In my experience, there"s not a the majority of leeway here. Lowball a player and also they very well might cutoff negotiations and also refuse to authorize with you. In fact, friend don"t get countless chances to negotiate v them – just three or four weeks at many – prior to they shut under the process entirely and collection their eye on complimentary agency. Part may even stop negotiating even if you meet their requirements if you"ve to be dithering because that too many weeks. If you desire to keep a player, you most likely just have to pay the asking price. One means to possibly assist the procedure – if you have actually the XP – is come buy a player retention update for your coach.

Signing players in cost-free agency is administrate by points the correspond come the variety of years and also salary and bonus amounts in your bid (with a few points thrown in for her team"s prestige). The team with the many bid point out wins the player"s signature. EA has actually told me the there is a "very tiny chance" a totally free agent could sign with a team with fewer points.

Play through the bonus and salary numbers since there is room come maneuver in ~ the bid point structure. As lengthy as you"re the bidder v the greatest bid points, you can readjust the salary and also bonus amounts to get there while still shaving off a small money. Moreover, you deserve to keep tweaking the very same offer and also seeing how numerous points it adds up to prior to advancing the CFM week. You can additionally spend coach XP on a player acquisition upgrade, i beg your pardon will include three team prestige clues to her bid.



Scouting is very comparable to last year with one crucial difference – the variety of scouting points compelled to completely scout a player has actually been inverted. Last year the an initial grade price 5 points, the second 10, and the 3rd 15, because that instance. Currently that"s 15, 10, and also 5. Given that I choose to make sure a player"s first grade (which mirrors the strongest area of their game) is approximately snuff before spending much more points to delve deeper, this puts a premium on obtaining the expert Scouting coach update as rapid as possible.

Madden 17 features much more gems and also busts littered around the randomly created draft classes, therefore it payment to usage up all her scouting point out every mainly (you"ll lose half of your unused points every week). Once you completely scout a player a green or red diamond appears next come their snapshot that speak you the ring they deserve to it is in drafted in. Environment-friendly is an excellent and red is bad. These space good, accurate indicators of a player"s quality. Meanwhile, the combine scores produced as you close to the draft correspond come players" physical skills like speed, strength, and also agility. There room granular charts digital for precisely what 40-yard-dash time coincides to what speed rating and what letter qualities mean what, however obviously the better the scores the better that player is going come be.

Really an excellent indicators that some, however not all, the the much better players in a particular draft class are in the CFM news feed accessible from the main menu display of your franchise. Sort over to Draft stories every week and also jot down which players room highlighted and why. This callouts for gems and also busts are really instructive, and apply come players v all rounds.

The Draft

One thing annoyingly missing from this year"s draft is the option to profession up for a pick. You can still perform it, it just takes much more steps. Pause the draft and scroll over to the trade facility to execute your business before getting back on the clock.

Before the draft, you have the right to bolster the variety of picks at hand by signing players during complimentary agency – as lengthy as you have actually the cap an are – and also then commerce them for picks before advancing to the breeze week. This renders your team a clearinghouse. Friend will, of course, have to take a lid penalty pertained to the bonuses payment to the players you trade, so again, this is just viable if you have actually cap room to burn.

There to be a way to watch what potential draftees to be rated and their player advance attribute to be via the team repurchase menu, but EA has patched it the end for online-based franchises. The agency says a patch because that offline franchises is also on its means as of the moment of this writing.

After girlfriend draft, make certain to inspect the schemes your brand-new players like to play in, because like I described above, it might make a difference in the OVR rating of those players.

Good luck in her CFM, and also if you"ve got any kind of tips that your own put lock in the comments section below! For an ext on Madden 17, examine out my review.

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