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Loom & sheet is a high-end memory foam mattress do by Saatva, the makers of the famous Saatva classic mattress. The mattress is available in two comfort levels and comes v a 120-day trial period and a 15-year warranty. 

Tuft & Needle is among the most popular online foam mattresses in parts due to the fact that of its low price. It has a simpler 2-layer foam construction and also comes through a 100-night psychological period and a 10 year warranty. 

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What’s In This Comparison

Table that Contents

These 2 mattresses space quite different. One is a spending plan foam mattress; the various other is a semi-luxury foam mattress.

In this comparison, we are going to compare them to your level of support, comfort and also overall sleeping experience among other features.

Read on come see exactly how they compare in various areas or usage this table of materials to jump to the functions you care about most.

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Loom & sheet vs. Tuft & Needle: which One have to You Buy?

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Here is my quick take on every mattress.


I gave Loom & Leaf an all at once rating of 4.7 out of 5.0.


You want TempurPedic high-end for a fraction of the price.You hate hot-sleeping mattresses.You or your partner are heavier than avg.

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I gave Tuft & Needle  an all at once rating that 4.5 out of 5.0.


You desire to conserve money – T&N is $100s cheaper than L&L.You choose a bouncier, latex-foam feel.

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How Do impend & Leaf and also Tuft & Needle Compare?


They are both all-foam mattresses despite they usage different varieties of foam.

When it involves sleeping experience, both do impressively. They feeling comfortable, have an excellent back support, and there space no heating issues.

Both mattress companies offer third-party financing wherein you can pay in simple monthly installments.

Key Differences

Tuft & Needle has actually a very straightforward construction consist of of simply two layers v a complete height of 10 inches. Impend & leaf is top top the opposite end with 4 layers. The is additionally much thicker in ~ 12 inches.

Regarding the foam used, loom & sheet goes through memory foam when Tuft & Needle offers its proprietary foam.

Another significant difference is in the pricing. Loom & leaf is a high-end mattress, so it’s no surprise that that starts at $849 and go up come $1,899. Its budget competitor, ~ above the other hand, start at

 and tops the end at 

Tuft & Needle’s largest Cal King dimension is cheaper than loom & Leaf’s the smallest twin size!

You’ll obtain 20 days an ext to test your mattress if girlfriend buy loom & Leaf. If you decision to keep it, the warranty is five years much longer than Tuft & Needles. This is no surprising because you are spending twin the price of the Tuft & Needle come buy a loom & Leaf.


SizeLoom & LeafTuft & Needle (on
Twin XL$949
CA King$1,799

Financing: Tuft & Needle supplies to finance with Affirm while loom & leaf works through Klarna.

Coupons: Visit the main websites for impend & Leaf and also Tuft & Needle to watch their recent offers and also discounts.

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Loom and also Leaf
Tuft and also Needle
Rating 4.74.5
Price $949-$1,999
~ above Amazon
Comfort choices FirmMed. FirmMed. Firm
Construction Gel + storage foamLatex-like polyfoam
Heat transport ExcellentGood
Motion transfer LowMedium
Sinkage LimitedMinimal
Off-Gassing? NoYes
Trial period 120 nights100 nights
Warranty15 years10 yearsnon-prorated
Eco-friendliness CertiPUR-US foamCertiPUR-US foam
Delivery 7-15 days1-5 days
Customer ServiceWhite-gloveGood
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Mattress Construction

Loom & Leaf


Loom & leaf has four layers that foam and also a quilted organic noodle cover. Right here are the foam layers.

4lb gelatin memory foam–This is the main comfort layer and also the one that gives Loom & leaf its signature deluxe feel. The soft and contours about your body in a cozy hug. The great for push relief specifically for those with back or share pain. That is infused v cooling gel and also phase change material to keep warmth away and also has second laminated gelatin panel to enhance cooling. It additionally has pinholes that lug heat far from the surface ar of the mattress.

5lb visco-elastic storage foam –This layer enhances the plush feel of the loom & leaf mattress while also preventing overfill sinkage. It ensures her spine is set naturally and also that her hips and shoulders space not pushing uncomfortably into the mattress.

2” change pad –This is a firmer support foam layer the holds up her weight and prevents the mattress from cratering. It’s specifically beneficial for couples and also heavier sleepers that put an ext pressure top top the mattress.

6” base –The usual high-density polyfoam base for all at once support and also longevity.

As i mentioned, the cover is essential cotton. So that feels soft and also cool. That is quilted through a thin slice of foam to make it feel plusher and natural thistle because that fire protection.

Tuft & Needle


The original Tuft & Needle had actually three layers, similar to many online mattresses. But they later lessened this to 2 to improve cooling and pressure relief. The initial mattress was a little bit too firm because that people’s liking, together well.

Here are the two layers of the existing Tuft & Needle.

Top Layer: 3” Adaptive foam –This is a proprietary foam occurred by Tuft & Needle. It has the finest properties the memory foam and also latex foam. So the feels firm and also supportive yet soft enough to it is in comfortable. It likewise stays cool and has more bounce than loom & Leaf.Foundation Layer: 7” Polyfoam base – This layer provides compression support, avoiding the mattress from sagging.

The covering is a blend of micro polyamide, a cotton-like cloth that is cool and breathable and also polyester, which makes the sheathe soft and tear-resistant.

There is additionally a fire retardant-free fire amount say protecting the foam.

Comfort and also Firmness

Loom & Leaf


There room two comfort levels of the impend & leaf mattress:

Loom & Leaf peaceful Firm, which is the medium firm option, andLoom & sheet Firm.

The Relaxed Firm rate around a 6/10 whereby ten is the firmest. It’s the many comfortable selection for most varieties of sleepers and works well for all kinds of sleeping positions. It’s additionally the best an option if friend have ago problems.

The Loom & leaf Firm is even firmer, rating a 8/10. It’s good if you choose ‘floating’ on height of the mattress. It likewise provides more support for heavier sleepers and also couples.

Remember that you deserve to return her mattress if you don’t like it. So nothing worry about buying one uncomfortable mattress.

Tip: If you room not certain which comfort level is finest for you, pick the peaceful Firm. It’ll many likely give you the sleeping experience you room looking for.

Tuft & Needle


Tuft & Needle feels contempt firmer 보다 the L&L calm Firm. Top top average, the firmness is around 6.5/10.

It feeling firmer than loom & Leaf, probably due to the fact that of the adaptive foam provided in the optimal layer. This foam feels more like latex foam 보다 memory foam.

Unfortunately, there are no various other firmness options.

While Tuft & Needle is right for many kinds the sleepers, ago and stomach sleepers may feel much more comfortable with it.

For next sleepers that need an ext contouring, i recommend the impend & Leaf calm Firm.

And if you require something firmer than Tuft & Needle, try the impend & leaf Firm.

Sleeping Experience

Loom & Leaf


Loom & leaf is a luxury mattress. It feels far an ext luxurious than most foam mattresses.

The gel storage foam provides a soft, plush and also pressure-relieving top surface the cuddles your body and also helps you fall to sleep faster. Each comfort level is climate designed in a specific method to ensure it feels just right.

The relaxed Firm is soft yet without emotion ‘swampy.’ The for sure is more rigid but without pushing on her bones and also joints.

The mattress keeps its cool yes, really well. The breathable cover and also the gelatin memory foam layer proactively move warmth away from the mattress.

There is minimal activity transfer. Edge assistance is also quite good for a foam mattress and also initial off-gassing is slight and also fades far within hours.

Tuft & Needle


Tuft & Needle may feel a bit too firm as soon as you very first lie top top it, yet quickly softens as it adapts to her body and sleeping position.

It’s certainly not as luxurious together the impend & Leaf, yet it’s quiet pretty comfortable. I especially love just how bouncy it feels.

Because it’s diluent than loom & Leaf and has only two layers, it may feel a bit uncomfortable for plus dimension sleepers. I have seen other customers complain about pressure on the shoulders and hips.

If you have actually a larger body but would still like to acquire the Tuft & Needle, think about also to buy a memory foam topper.

But for many people, the Tuft & Needle is fine. The feels firm sufficient to support the back yet still soft enough to relieve push on your hips, reduced back, and also shoulders.

Although the sleeps warmer 보다 the Loom and Leaf, the Tuft and also Needle mattress does no really acquire hot many thanks to the breathable cover and cooling adaptive foam.

Edge assistance is OK, and also motion regulate is excellent.

Warranty and also Returns

Loom & Leaf


Loom & Leaf gives customers 120 days to test out their mattress and decide if they want to keep it. Unfortunately, you need to pay a $99 shipping fee when you return the mattress. You have the right to request the other comfort option or just opt because that a complete refund (minus the shipping fee).

The vouch is 15 year long. If you do a claim, impend & Leaf will decide whether to replace or repair the mattress. You’ll just be responsible because that the $99 shipping fee.

There is a 2nd warranty option dubbed the fairness Replacement Option. This is a prorated warranty where you salary a percentage of the original purchase price to acquire a new mattress. The portion you pay will rely on i beg your pardon year that the vouch you do a claim.

Tuft & Needle


Tuft & Needle has a 100-night trial period. Unlike impend & Leaf, returns are free.

The vouch is ten year long and is non-prorated. Tuft & Needle will certainly cover every replacement or repair costs in the occasion of a claim.

Shipping and Delivery


Loom & Leaf

Loom & leaf charges $99 because that shipping to the contiguous united States. This fee includes free in-home setup and also old mattress removal.

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle likewise has totally free shipping however only to the continental US. Because that Alaska and Hawaii buyers, a $120-$190 shipping fee will be included at checkout depending on the size you picked.

Delivery takes 2-5 days and also up come 10 days for Alaska and also Hawaii.

Foundation and also Frame

Loom & Leaf


Loom & leaf recommends laying the mattress on a box spring specifically designed for memory foam mattresses. Girlfriend can additionally use a slatted structure with the slats no much more than 4” apart, a solid communication or an adjustable base.

Tuft & Needle


You have the right to place the Tuft & Needle mattress on any kind of base as long as that is sturdy and also flat. This includes a good quality box spring, an adjustable base or a slatted platform.

Care and Cleaning


Loom and Leaf

If the mattress gets stained, gently spot clean it utilizing cold water and also a soft detergent. The mattress sheathe is no removable for this reason you cannot to wash it.

Use a mattress protector to avoid damaging spills and also permanent stains.

There’s no need to turn or upper and lower reversal the mattress.

Tuft & Needle

The Tuft & Needle mattress sheathe is removable but go not eliminate it or wash it. It could get damaged. Clues clean to gain rid of any type of stains or usage a mattress protector.

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There’s no have to rotate or flip the mattress.

Where come Buy Them

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