Lo, how a climbed e"er blooming

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Lo, how a climbed E"er Blooming

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Lo, how a climbed E"er Blooming

1 Lo, just how a climbed e"er bloomingFrom soft stem afoot sprung!Of Jesse"s family tree comingAs males of old have sung.It came, a flower bright,Amid the cold the winterWhen half-gone to be the night.

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2 Isaiah "twas foretold it,The rose I have in mind:With mary we behold it,The virgin mother kind.To display God"s love arightShe boring to men a SaviorWhen half-gone was the night.

3 This Flower, whose fragrance tenderWith sweetness fills the air,Dispels with glorious splendorThe darkness everywhere.True man, yet very God,From sin and also death He conserves usAnd lightens every load

Baptist Hymnal 2008
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Translator: Theodore Baker

Theodore Baker (b. New York, NY, 1851; d. Dresden, Germany, 1934). Baker is famed as the compiler the Baker"s Biographical thesaurus of musicians (first ed. 1900), the an initial major music reference occupational that included American composers. Baker learned music in Leipzig, Germany, and also wrote a dissertation on the music the the Seneca civilization of new York State–one of the very first studies of the music that American Indians. Indigenous 1892 until his retirement in 1926, Baker to be a literary editor and translator because that G. Schirmer, Inc., in brand-new York City. In 1926, he returned to Germany.Psalter Hymnal Handbook, 1987Go to human page >
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bible References:st. 1-2=Isa. 11:1, Isa. 35:1-2, Luke 1-2, Matt. 2st. 3=John 1

This “Twelfth Night” German carol from the Rhineland an ar combines the story the Luke 1-2 and Matthew 2 with Isaiah"s prophecies around the "rose" from the "stem that Jesse " (Isa. 11:1; 35:1-2). Stanzas 1 and 2 space a mix of folklore ("amid the cold the winter") and Christological interpretation of Isaiah 11:1 and 35: 1-2. Stanza 3 introduce imagery from john 1.

Originally "Es ist ein Ros entsprungen," the carol may date ago to the fifteenth century. However, the earliest manuscript comprise the text, found in St. Alban"s Carthusian monastery in Trier and preserved in the Trier munici¬pal library, is dated about 1580. It was very first published v twenty-three stanzas in Alte catholische geistliche Kirchengesiinge (Cologne, 1599). Initially stanza 2 construed the "rose" together being Mary, mom of Jesus. However in Musae Sionae (1609) Michael Praetorius changed the translate to suggest to Christ together the increased in accord with actual biblical imagery. In that hymnbook Praetorius published just stanzas 1 and also 2.

The English translation of stanzas 1 and also 2 in the Psalter Hymnal are by Theodore Baker (b. Brand-new York, NY, 1851; d. Dresden, Germany, 1934) and are perhaps from anthem setting published through G. Schirmer, Inc., in 1894 as soon as Baker to be music editor there. Baker is well known as the compiler that Baker"s Biographical thesaurus of musician (first ed. 1900), the an initial major music reference work-related that had American composers. Baker studied music in Leipzig, Germany, and wrote a dissertation ~ above the music that the Seneca human being of new York State–one of the very first studies the the music that American Indians. Native 1892 until his retirement in 1926, Baker was a literary editor and also translator for G. Schirmer, Inc., in new York City. In 1926, he went back to Germany.

Stanza 3 is a translate into by Gracia Grindal (b. Powers Lake, ND, 1943), originally published in the Lutheran publication of worship (1978). Grindal to be educated in ~ Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota; the college of Arkansas; and also Luther-Northwestern Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota, wherein she has served because 1984 as a professor the pastoral theology and communications. From 1968 to 1984 she was a professor the English and poet-in-residence at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa. Contained in she publications are Sketches against the Dark (1981), Scandinavian Folksongs (1983), class in Hymnwriting (1986, 1991), and also We room One in Christ: Hymns, Paraphrases, and Translations (1996). She was crucial in developing the Lutheran book of prayer (1978) and also The joined Methodist Hymnal (1989).

Liturgical Use:Advent and the Christmas season; helpful as a an answer to the Isaiah 11 passage, specifically in services of lessons and carols or "carols from countless lands."

--Psalter Hymnal Handbook

This introduction and Christmas singing expresses and acknowledges a certain tension we ought to be mindful of throughout the Christmas season. Simply as, in the prophecies from Isaiah, a “rose,” or stem, shoots increase from the stump, therefore too perform we memory Christ’s bear in the knowledge that He brings life out of death. Our celebrations of Christmas need to always allude us to Easter. We celebrate Christ’s life since His fatality brings united state a brand-new kind the life. So too, the season of development points us not only to Christmas, but to the 2nd coming the Christ, when He will lastly make all points new. This is a beautiful and also peaceful hymn, however there is just a touch that melancholy in the tune. Even in the arrangement the composer had the ability to convey the stress amidst ours celebration, the woe that need to lie in ~ our rejoicing, if just for a moment. We know what is coming the week before Easter morning, and also this should offer us factor to pause. But we also know that the small babe whose birth we celebrate, our “Rose,” involved “dispel…the darkness everywhere.” Thus, also amid the stress and anxiety of life the end of death, us celebrate the can be fried life we room promised in Christ.


This hymn might date ago as far as the fifteenth century, despite the faster manuscript was found in St. Alban’s Carthusian monastery in Trier and also was dated around 1580. The was first published with a whopping twenty-three stanzas in Alte Catholische Geistliche Kirchengesange in 1599.

Originally created in German and titled “Es ist ein Ros ensprungen,” the message combines the story the Christ’s birth through the prophecies in Isaiah about the “rose” indigenous the “stem of Jesse.” The 2nd verse originally construed “rose” to mean Mary, the mom of Jesus, yet in 1609, Michael Praetorius adjusted the translate to allude to Christ, hence fitting v the really Biblical imagery. The then published the singing with just stanzas one and also two and added a harmonization. The first two verses were analyzed into English by Theodore Baker roughly 1894.

Most hymnals incorporate the first two verses, and many add a 3rd that begins, “This flower, so small and tender.” This city is consisted of in The Baptist Hymnal as watched in the above text box. Though it is consisted of in plenty of hymnals, that does not show up to have actually come from the initial text.


Paul Westermeyer writes that the song ES IST EIN ROS “has the unexplained capacity to loan itself equally well to both congregational and choral singing, with and without harmony in both cases” (Let the world Sing, 138). The Psalter Hymnal Handbook describes the harmony and also rhythm as “subtle,” so it isn’t important to usage much, if any, accompaniment. For a quirky people version, examine out Sufjan Steven"s banjo-led recording. That if you"re an ext a fan of rock and also roll, Sting has actually a very basic rendition featured in his "Life native Durham Cathedral" concert. There are multiple examples of a capella choral version - in specific the Montverdi Choir"s German version.


This hymn is perfect because that both introduction and Christmas, because it celebrates the bear of Christ but likewise acknowledges the stress and anxiety of that birth – Christ was born to lug life out of death. As such, that is installation for development when us wait because that the 2nd coming that Christ when He will make all points new. The a beautiful hymn because that a Lessons and also Carols service, and specifically apt selection for a solemn event of carols from roughly the world. If friend can, I would certainly suggest having a choir song the very first verse in German, to express the history of the piece, and then go back to the an initial verse v the congregation in English.

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