Babygirl Lisa Hamme didn’t organize anything back last season top top 90 work Fiancé: before the 90 Days. Hamme spoke her mind both on and also off-screen, many times to her very own detriment. Transparent the season, Hamme was pretty energetic on her Instagram account, even giving away spoilers. This and her use of the n-word may have added to her getting let walk from TLC. However despite breaking ties with the show, Hamme is still energetic on she Instagram. In fact, she has another account that not many people have recorded onto.

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Lisa Hamme | Instagram

Lisa Hamme and Usman’s relationship

When Hamme met her husband Usman Umar, she was involved that he might be a scammer.

“I was 49 and Usman to be 29 when we an initial met,” she said in one interview with Without a decision Ball. “And as soon as we an initial met, okay be ethical with you…I candid thought, oh, great, one more yahoo boy out of Nigeria that’s going come harass me to no end. And also I gave him the advantage of the doubt because I don’t like that stigma.”

They ongoing to date and eventually got engaged. The latest season of the present followed Umar and Hamme as they continually fought and also Hamme lashed the end at Umar the end of jealousy.

Leaked clip of the tell-all special revealed that during one of their fights, Hamme even called Umar the n-word.

The breakup

After the display finished filming, Hamme shown that she and also Umar had damaged up and accused that of scamming her.

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“He used me,” she said on Instagram. “He married me just to be on a TV show that world would identify his surname to offer his music. I tried to work with him, his brothers do the efforts to occupational with him. He thinks it’s just him, that thinks he’s going to carry out what the wants and he’s never going to apologize for anything he’s ever said bad around me. He’s posing as what you call a romantic scam, i m sorry is really illegal in Nigeria. That puts that stigma earlier onto Nigeria again and that’s what ns didn’t want to do.”

Lisa Hamme’s Instagram presence

Hamme and Umar it seems to be ~ to use their social media accounts together their main mode the communication. They both constantly suspicion one one more of wrongdoings via Instagram. When Umar alleged that Hamme stole money from him, Hamme post a series of photos to refute his claim. Though Hamme no much longer does interviews with TLC, fans never have to guess what is walk on in her life because of how much she articles to social media.

Umar mostly uses his Instagram to promote his music career but is not above calling Hamme out on that from time to time together well.

Lisa Hamme’s brand-new account

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Hamme has had actually her Instagram account baby_girl_lisa_2020 since the present started airing. She has actually posted over 90 photos on that account and also has 124,000 followers. Yet recently, Hamme made decision to begin a new Instagram account under the surname “bglthephoenixhasrisen.” on July 8, Hamme made decision to walk public with the account and promote it on her initial page.

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When a pan asked her around the brand-new account, she responded that she was currently running two pages.

The truth star then minimal the comment on the photograph so no one else can respond.