The Shahs that Sunset alum has actually this overarching advice for world considering a chest augmentation: "don"t do it." 

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Lilly Ghalichi"s followers keep their eye peeled on her feed for a everyday dose that glamour. Whether she"s reflecting off her latest lashes or unboxing just-released makeup and skincare goodies from top brands, the Shahs of Sunset alum positive oozes beauty savvy. Still, she"s the first to admit that she"s had actually to discover some beauty beauty lessons the hard means — particularly when it comes to breast augmentation. 

At her fans" request, the soon-to-be mama freshly put the end a video in i m sorry she shared 10 little-known funny facts around herself. In enhancement to sharing she shoe size (a teeny tiny 4!) and the period at i m sorry she first went ~ above a day (19!), the Shahs pal came clean around her previous with boob jobs. Spoiler alert: She"s had more than 3 of them, and she wouldn"t introduce it! 

"I don"t know why I"m laughing, since it"s no funny," she said, giggling despite herself. "Not just is it dangerous to keep going under surgery; it"s very painful and also freaking expensive. The factor I"ve had actually to have boob work is the following." Interested to hear more? We believed so! 

Lilly walk on to explain that she"s repeatedly confronted a complication dubbed capsular contractur. "This is where your human body builds scar tissue roughly the implant, leading to it to become really hard, disfiguring it, and also event moving it," she explained. "One time, i literally had actually a boob that was prefer all the method in mine armpit; one time among my boobs gained hard and also I would joke about it and call it Eden Rock." 

Then, there to be those great old "bad decisions," Lilly continued. "When ns was younger ns wanted huge boobs, so I gained these really, really large implants. I had actually over 500 CCs, which for my tiny framework is just means too large." What followed? no one, however two reductions. 

Overall, "it has actually just to be a yes, really traumatic suffer for me," she admitted. "I gained my very first boob job once I was just a month right into 18 year old; i think it need to be a crime to execute plastic surgical treatment on anyone who"s 18 year old.

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I didn"t recognize anything as soon as I was 18 year old, permit alone even if it is I wanted to have actually surgery on mine breasts."

Now 35, Lilly is — in ~ least! — "extremely happy" v her breasts and also complication free. But, heed this: "My advice come anyone thinking around getting augmentation: Don"t perform it!"