Jessie and also Lee Sang-yeob were on the cable channel tvN "The Sixth sense 2" broadcast on the afternoon the the 23rd.

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Yoo Jae-seok said, "It seems like a lover fighting in the park." So, you are dating Jessie? "

"The scandal has actually been on for a week," Onara said.

Last week, Jessie looked at Lee Sang-yeob"s life graph the the entry right into the marital relationship section was just about the corner and also said, "Let"s do that marriage with me.It"s my style," she confessed in surprise.

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When Jessie heard this, she denied that "it to be ... Simply pretending to be dating" however soon raised the apprehension by placing Lee Sang-yeob"s arm across his shoulder.


Lee Sung-kyung "four-year-old younger sister, acting as a musical actor...more 보다 me" (white-half-time)

Actor Lee Sung-kyung spoke about his 4-year-old younger sister. In the 118th illustration of TV Chosun 'White travel of the Diner huh Young-man' (hereinafter described as 'White Travel'), i beg your pardon was broadcast on respectable 27, the Incheon Ganghwa Island delicacy table with actor Lee Sung-kyung to be portrayed. Lee Sung-kyung revealed that he had actually a brother that was four years old, saying, "It is a younger sister, however it is strong, thick and good, choose a son." "I'm act musicals, I'm just starting and working hard," she responded to huh Young-man, that asked she brother's present situation.

Fencing nationwide player Kim Jun-ho has actually revealed a tear-twin story that his wife, who is 5 years old. Kim Jun-ho showed up on the tee cast E channel 'No Bro 2', which was very first broadcast on august 23, with fencing nationwide team Gu Bon-gil and also Kim Jung-hwan. Oh Sang-wook to be unable to take part in the recording since he had actually to treat the injured place after the Olympics. Kim Jun-ho participated in the current 2020 Tokyo Olympics through Gu Bon-gil, Kim Jung-hwan and also Oh Sang-wook. After ~ a collection of nearby matches, he was honored through Gold medal in the fencing Sabres men's team exhibition. "All 3 of mine wives space stewardesses," Park claimed after a brief welcome because that the fencing Avengers team. Later episodes that fencing Avengers wives' post-Olympics to be released. "My mam cried together I called, ns was under a many pressure since I only played in the team event," Kim Jun-ho said. "I was worried about that and also I had actually a lot of conversations, i cried ~ above the

A biased line: boring. It’s a lengthy story. The game itself is boring, too, before it start full-fledged games. The is a game that risked his life, however it is not shocking even if he is punished. This is why the declares Boycott on the video clip streaming Netflix collection 'Squid Game'. The Squid game tells the story of civilization who space in the game of fatality to win the 45.6 billion winner prize money the they have changed from their lives. Lee Jung-jae and also Park Hae-soo will be in the original work prepared by manager Hwang Dong-hyuk of suspiciously She and Namhansanseong 13 year ago. That is slow. Many of the an initial episode is committed to why Lee Jung-jae had actually to step into the video game of death. I desire to construct up a factor to enter the 'Squid Game' by looking at his situation, i beg your pardon is a total challenge such as gambling addiction, white water, divorce, and also incompetence. When you’re frustrated, the game and the sentence because that the failure are much less complicated than expected. The steams to the point that

"My brothers to do" Kim Hee-sun, track Hye-kyo Coffee or Tea Impressed...Friendship of the top beauties"

Actor Kim Hee-sun was moved by tune Hye-kyo's Coffee or Tea gift. Kim Hee-sun posted numerous photos on the 16th instagram saying, "I to be a perfect Hye-kyo that is beautiful and beautiful to my heart. I am grateful for my beloved brother who will shoot harder and also harder." inside the picture was a snapshot of Kim Hee-sun leaving a certification shot in prior of Coffee or Tea sent out by song Hye-kyo. Track Hye-kyo wrote in prior of Coffee or Tea, "We support our pretty Hee-deunni and also the 'Bride that Black' staff." Kim Hee-sun gift a cheering car Coffee or Tea come the drama shoot of tune Hye-kyo in May. In ~ the time, song Hye-kyo said, "Thank you because that my lover sister." on the other hand Kim Hee-sun has joined the Netflix series 'Bride that Black'. 'Black's Bride' is a story about those who are running towards their desires, dreaming that marrying Black, the greatest grade that the upper course marriage information company. That is a real-life satire the

Astro member Cha Eun-woo showed off his talent together 'genius' as he looked. Cha Eun-woo purchased the 20th floor of invoice Polaris in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul top top July 7 because that 4.9 billion won and also confirmed that it perfect the it is registered on September 7th. The mortgage setup was '0 won' and also bought 100% cash without Loans. Invoice Polaris, located in Cheongdam-dong, is thought about to it is in a representative high-end component with 3 floors underground and 20 floors above ground. Situated on the Han River, the Han River check out is secured, and also the within is do of high-quality materials. In invoice Polaris, where Cha Eun-woo is located, actor Park Min-young is a neighbor; the previous owner of Lake, to buy by Cha Eun-woo, is Choi Chi-hoon, chairman the Samsung C & T's board of directors. In February 2012, Choi Chi-hoon set a mortgage that 960 million won and also bought it because that 3.9 billion won; he paid off every Loans collection for the Lake in February 2015. The profit achieved by the revenue is
Actor Lee Soo-kyung expressed his gratitude to the assistance of gibbs Kim Nam-gil, who is the representative the Gil Story Eanti. Lee Soo-kyoung, the lead character in the movie "I Wish" (director Lee Jang-hoon), met through an online video interview ~ above Wednesday afternoon. 'I Wish' is the motif of Yangwon station of Bonghwa, Gyeongbuk, which became the an initial private history in Korea in 1988. The only method to walk is to walk to the train, yet I painted the story the Jungyeong and also the human being in the ar who desire to have a straightforward station in the mountain village where over there is no train station. The 4-dimensional mathematical genius young Jun Kyung (Park Jung-min), the principled designers Tae Yoon (Lee Sung-min), and Lee Soo-kyung, the sister the Lee Dere, gave a warm family members affection, the self-styled "Muse" Rahee (Im Yoon-a) and Jun Kyung gave a fresh romance come teenagers, and became a Pilam Movie the all Chuseok generations might enjoy. The actual film is a secure a
group Red Velvet member Seulgi has actually revealed the latest. On October 5, Seulgi posted several photos top top his SNS v an short article called "Halong". In the photo, Seulgi wore a irradiate blue shirt, a black color jacket and also slacks; Seulgi had a chic look and emanated a girl like charm. Pan responded come the posts, "It's no a person," "My sister is therefore beautiful," and also "I yes, really love friend so much." Red Velvet exit Milky means as the fourth runner of our Beloved BoA, a job commemorating the 20th anniversary of BoA's debut on respectable 21st. Jang hee-soo
Kim Young-chul has actually told of his recent situation at United claims of America. On the 25th, Kim Young-chul said his Instagram: "This is the hotel... Weather struggle the jackpot! and also the alongside the hostel is a place where there is a residence where the gonewiththewind wind disappears. " Kim Young-chul in the photograph is sitting on the broad lawn that United claims of America and drinking wine. Civilization were impressed by the illustration of Kim Young-chul, who was looking at the sunset with the glow. Kim Young-chul said, "Somehow, doesn't that sun look prefer a movie? I'm act a an excellent job. "A glass of great morning wine in Korea," the added. On the other hand, Kim Young-chul pertained to the United claims of America top top the 21st the SBS 'Kim Young-chul's strength FM' on the 21st, "The proposal to do a brief show fairly than an audition in ~ the United states of America. Ns have constantly been cubic around being a an international comedian, but I am really surprised, happy and also happy to th

"Don"t let walk of the spirit line" Lee Su-min, Should capture the premiere referred to as the fresh youthful charm

"Good conference your boyfriend" five Na-ra 21 years of devotion Kim Do-hoon mentions ..Yoo Jae-Suk "My friend praises for a lengthy time" "Six feeling 2"

Oh Na-ra discover she's been gentle v her friend On September 17, TVN entertainment program 'Six sense 2', I found a genuine fake top top the template of 'readers that fate'. Five Na-ra alters his life as soon as he changes the name of the 3rd candidate? that told the namer around the name. "Oh Na-ra is going into the life I desire from the eras of 28 and 29, and I hear that it has end up being softer 보다 before," the namer explained. Five Na-ra said, "I listen a lot, it's due to the fact that I meet my boyfriend well," and also Jessie also said, "Yes, I have to accomplish a male well." Yoo Jae-Suk laughed, discussing that "it's to be a lengthy time because I've been a compliment to my boyfriend." Jessie likewise added, "I forgot to have my (Oh Na-ra sister) boyfriend." "I satisfy such a person because my energy enters the energy. I go into into great luck, so ns am a tiny relaxed and support someone at this time. Also, over there is a variety of farewells, for this reason if you